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Apr 11 2011

Lion Cub’s wife- You’re Forewarned!

Dear Daughter-in-Law- the one who will be marrying my Lion Cub (and yes, I said my Lion Cub because for now he still is!  So 😛  Bethca’ never thought your mother-in-law would stick her tongue out at you, did ya?!  See, you find out new and valuable information about me all the time!),

I do believe there are probably some things I should make you aware of. Particularly of the fact that at 22 months of age Lion Cub is still a screamer.  He has essentially been screaming since the day he was born and I really see no foreseeable end in sight. It’s like breathing for him. It’s just what he does.

He is also highly mischievous. If it can be climbed, opened, taken apart, broken, hidden, messed up or altered in some glaringly permanent way- he will be there. If you wonder where he is at any given moment you just have to ask yourself, “Where should he not be right now?” and nine times out of ten, there you will find him.

How nice of him to paint the couch for me! I love turquoise but this was a bit much!

Now, I don’t write this to you to warn you about him, necessarily.  I don’t really worry about him causing such mischief and ruckus for you, as I’m sure he has well outgrown it by the time you read this, or has at least hopefully channeled these tendencies into a better, more productive avenue. Rather, I fear, you will have to bare the brunt of the burden of the “payback offspring” he is bound to produce. Much as my parents have often reminded me, that the mischief of these two crazy boys is merely a reflection of, and due punishment for, my own antics as a toddler. I can only begin to imagine what outlandish behavior you will encounter with your own little sinners. :-)

What a studly envelope hat!

Now, I also must warn you that accompanying the screaming and sneakiness are smiles, the likes of which you have never seen. Grins that cause his whole face to beam and the cares of the world to entirely disappear for moments on end. There is also a giggle that can nearly cripple you with love and joy. There are big extravagant kisses, because he does nothing small. And there is a willingness and an eagerness to be involved in everything you do- including cook, which by the time he is grown could be a serious advantage for you!

Little Chef!

For these things, I wish you an abundance from both him and your children, and dearly pray that these will be the qualities that he never outgrows.  I also pray that his loud dramatic nature is what actually develops him into a bold and strong leader for your family.  Moreover, that his mischief leads to ingenuity that will allow him to provide for you and your family abundantly.

Oh, and side note- he also has an amazing sense of rhythm.  For this reason alone I doubt that you are Baptist.  But if you are, get ready for a personal reformation because there is no chance this guy won’t be having crazy hip-hop dance parties in your house (even if they are just for your little family).  I’d be lying if I said this whole thing wasn’t slightly instilled by moi.  But hey, who doesn’t love a man who can keep a beat and bust a move?!  You can thank me later!

So when your little hooligans are driving you straight up the wall, try to savor those smiles and remember that nothing lasts forever- the good or the bad.  And never forget about that little verse that mentions how God works all things for the good of those who love Him.  Yup, that means even those moments that seem unbearable from the screaming, or unending mess, or whatever else- they are going to somehow work for good in the end.  I know that’s what I keep reminding myself of, cause, ya know, he’s 22 month’s old.  I’ve still got a long haul before I hand him off to you!

Much love my dear!


Yup- he's mine for now!

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