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May 4 2012

The Adventure Has Begun!


I need to bring you all up to speed, since the adventure has begun and I finally have an Internet connection again! I went from a place in my life where I felt that I had very little to say to being constantly surrounded by change and adventure (and trials) and more blogging amo than I know what to do with! If I don’t recap the last week and a half (and quickly!) I fear I will fall so far behind in everything I have to share that I may never get caught up! So here we go….



The Friday before last the title for our little farm house was officially transferred and we picked up the keys to our 12 acres with house, barn and garage! That evening, while the boys were with my inlaws, The Carpenter and I brought our 5th wheel trailer out to the property (which we are staying in until the renovations are done) and soaked in the reality of this being our home for the very first time. We could hear the frogs in the neighbor’s pond, the wind rustling through the tops of the trees, an owl… and then braced ourselves for the days and weeks of hardwork to come!



As you can imagine, the past two weeks have been especially crazy! Two Saturdays ago we began our move bright and early with the help of a few friends and family members. I had a few last minute essentials to pack, everyday items and things I had set aside to specifically go into the trailer with us that I knew we would be needing before we officially moved into the house. But, of course, inevitably, I had to run to the store and then go out a second time to Home Depot for more boxes and in my absence all of my weeks of planning and careful organization went down the drain! Things I had been setting aside to pack in certain ways or in certain places were dumped into unmarked, catch-all boxes by well-meaning men on a mission to get us out of our house as quickly as possible!

By the time we got out to the farm (which we have named Vintage Acres) my hopes of having them organize the boxes they were moving into our garage by room and number (you see, I had a whole system, with codes and file folders and the whole shebang!) were lost completely and I just gave up! My mom and I retreated to the 5th wheel where we attempted to find places for kitchen items and clothing, in between the frequent Braxton Hicks contractions I was experiencing, and I showed her around the house meticulously explaining everything we were about to change.

And change we have! After two more days of dump runs and selling random larger items at auction, The Carpenter and I dove in! Since then we have (but really, mostly he has):

  • had the hideous, seizure-inducing, florescent lighting in the kitchen (Joe vs The Volcano anyone?) replaced with 8 can lights,
  • ripped off the first layer and second layers of wallpaper in our bedroom, upstairs hallway and the downstairs bath,
  • begun ripping off the also hideous paneling from nearly every wall in the downstairs and skim-coating the ones that are staying,
  • removed the pergo floors downstairs and almost all the carpet upstairs,
  • ripped out a wall in the upstairs bath
  • fallen a tree and taken off some limbs for the Internet connection
  • had The Carpenter’s dad (The Pastor/Wallcovering Specialist and former Apple Orchard Owner) help/teach The Carpenter how to trim our apple trees for optimal growth
  • and had our safe water system, satellite TV, phone service and now internet all installed- among other things!
  • Oh, and I have also started weeding and cleaning up the flower beds, but I’ll save that story for another post!
Goodbye wall paper! And thank you for mostly coming down in large sheets!
Who knew that is how an apple tree should look?! Huh.
Cutting down trees… all in a normal days work!


So, as you can imagine it all looks very different and uninhabitable right about now. We have high days and low days. Days when we feel like we are making tons of progress and days when one project makes way to another unexpected one and you begin to really see the outcomes of do-it-yourself owners who tried to cobble things together in a house that’s over 100 years old (1895!). This, of course, is difficult for my VERY professional, by-the-book, carpenter of a husband! But he his making do and giving me things to accomplish here and there that he thinks I am able to (aka- nothing that requires too much braun, fumage or skill!). We are slowly seeing our house transform and brought to a state that really feels like its our home. Colors and tile and floors are being chosen and hopefully will begin being installed in the not too distant future.

‘Cause I mean, we have time but not that much time!


29 weeks! Just 11-13 to go!


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3 thoughts on “The Adventure Has Begun!

  1. sarahronk541

    Good gracious girl! You guys have been busy!! How exciting to be where you are! Such fun amazing things coming in your near future!! Love the name by the way!!

  2. Catherine Donnelly

    Wow! I will pray that God will bring your family closer to each other and closer to Him during this amazing adventure. Thank you for sharing…. I enjoy your blog. If you ever have the desire to turn it into a book let me know…. Blessings to you all and Take good care of the Mama and the baby!

  3. Lanna

    You are so cute and compact while pregnant! It’s so exciting that you get to make this house your own from the get go, it’s always fun to see the transformation. :)


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