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Aug 31 2012

The Fifth Week of Emmerson


Oh my poor baby girl you got sick this week after your three-year-old brother sneezed on your face! It was so sad to see you all stuffed up, unable to breathe! For a few good nights you had to sleep right on mommy so that you were inclined enough to be able to breathe, which has of course now made you stop wanting to sleep anywhere BUT on me! That just isn't going to work out- sorry girly!



Even through your sickness, though, you were much less fussy than you have been, which was nice! You are beginning to grow more content and are wanting to interact more by smiling and starting to coo a little bit which is so fun to see! You are growing enough that I even decided to break out all the small diapers this week to get them washed and organized so that they are ready to go when you have fully grown into them. I can't believe we're almost ready to say goodbye to your newborn diapers! It doesn't seem possible!



In spite of your sickness we still had a very busy week! Over the weekend Nana and Papa came over to hang out. You snuggled and slept on Papa for a few hours and he just soaked you up! He kept talking outgrow you forget how small and helpless newborns are! He and Nana said you are just like a little bird!



On Monday we had our first grocery store trip- just you, me and the boys! Eeek! You lasted about 3/4 into the trip and then you woke up and lost it! You were hungry and decided to let the whole store know! So there I was, you screaming and strapped to my front, Judah grabbing everything off the shelves asking if we can get practically everything in the store and poor Roman attempting to help me! Check out took forever because we had to purchase things in separate orders and the cashier looked like she was about to have a panic attack as everyone witnessed your quivering lip between gulps of air and wails! As we finally exited the store with the help of an employee, every single lane of people checking out stared with pained faces at us. Nana said they were all thinking, “Thank goodness that's not me!” Once we got you out to the car, fed and changed, you were much happier… until I strapped you into your carseat and then you pretty much screamed the whole way home. It was quite the expreince.


And then I got home and realized I had forgotten the meat for dinner.


I can't imagine why.


Anyhow! That was also the day you officially turned 1 month old and I had fun taking pictures of you with my favorite Cabbage Patch Doll from childhood, which I plan to do each month.



The rest of the week is a bit of a blur for mama! Mostly just finishing up summer and keeping busy! You started laying in your swing a little bit, but we don't have batteries right now so I or one of the boys have to keep running over and swinging it to keep you happy! Not ideal! I hope we can grab some soon! Other than that, these are some of my other favorite pictures of you from the week!



I love you sweet girl and I hope you're all better very soon!




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