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Aug 17 2012

The Third Week of Emmerson

Oh my sweet girl! I think you are jut about the cutest thing I have ever seen! Cuddling you is pretty much my favorite thing to do these days and I adore that you are starting to more purposefully smile at us- it takes my breath away!

Dana (our midwife) came over to give us both a check up yesterday and we found out that you now weigh 8.14lbs. You are such a petite little thing and, in my opinion, just look very girly despite your strong resemblance to your brothers! While Dana isn't worried about your weight gain she has suggested that mama add more fats into my diet to help thicken up my milk a bit since your diapers are showing that you are getting a lot of high-sugar content milk. Along with trying to thicken things up I am trying to keep you nursing on single side per feeding so that you get more of the hind milk and less of the foremilk.

Along with maybe chunking you up a bit we are hoping that if you get a little less of the sugary milk it may help you to be less fussy.

We had some rough nights this last week! There were a few stints of you being up for 2-3 hours at night, mostly fussing, causing me to have to stand and bounce you for the duration of that time- no fun for either of us! You are also showing that after a short quiet alert time following waking up you generally like to fuss. Sometimes it seems that you may be legitimately fussy but other times I think you are just bored. It's as though crying is sometimes just something for you to do since there isn't much else you are capable of at this point, which aggravates you! Hopefully by the time we start up our homeschool year we will have found more ways to keep you calm and occupied! Mama is praying hard!

You continue to love being swaddled, although much of the time you manage to get your right arm out. You cute little stinker! You are also taking more to the binky but it is still hit and miss. :-/ Of course the wrap is one of your ultimate favorite places to be and is generally what I turn to if you just can't be calmed.

Your brothers adore you and you equally adore them.! I can prop you up to watch their antics and it will keep you rather entertained for a few minutes.

Yesterday we went over to Nana's apartment for the afternoon so that your brothers could go in the pool. You and I just sat in the shade while you snoozed in all your cuteness! I love this little dress that I got you about half way through my pregnancy and am so glad that I found the box it was in before you outgrew it!

We also lost power for about 2 hours one evening this last week! It got blazing hot in here it you I'd don't seem to mind! Your brothers were more disappointed than anything because we we're just about to sit down and watch ET together as a family! We found other ways to entertain ourselves though!

Here are a few of my other favorite shots of you from this last week-

You are sweet and wonderful and I thank the Lord all the time for blessing us with your sweet presence! I love you to pieces my lovely girl!

Love always,



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2 thoughts on “The Third Week of Emmerson

  1. laura

    Hiya Kenz,
    Congratulations on your sweet baby girl! They’re pretty awesome. :-)
    My 3rd is 3 months old now and she threw me for QUITE a loop during the first 7 weeks. My first was kind of colicky but nothing compared to girl #3. I kid you not, for 6 weeks straight, she cried almost every single second that I was not holding or wearing her. On top of that, we had latch issues (my husband dubbed her ”lazy latch” because she was) and an overabundance of foremilk (= gas, fussing and frothy green diapers). Between block nursing and adding more fats (coconut oil, in and on everything!), we were able to help that problem, but the fussing continued. Nothing but being in my arms would console her. Her favorite thing was warm, long showers with me.
    Here’s the thing that I found was massively different from my experience with the other two – I trusted my baby. I wasn’t resistant to her needs and I wasn’t freaked out by her crying. Somehow I just knew that she was just trying to work through something and I just needed to cheer her on until she got through it. I lived with her snuggled up next to me in the moby wrap for that time. And then one day, almost magically, around 7 weeks, she just changed. She smiled at us, started putting herself to sleep, stopped crying and turned into an amazing, content, incredibly ”easy” baby.
    I know it’s utterly chaotic with three kids in the house and (my husband works from home) I can’t even imagine doing it without Daddy around for large chunks of time…and I doubt you need the reminder because you’re awesome and you’ve done this before…but…it will pass. :) Whatever it is. It will pass.
    She’s adorable. :-) And lucky girl with two big brothers to look out for her. Congratulations again on your beautiful family.
    Oh..and girl…EMBRACE the pacifier. Srsly. 😉 My 3rd is a thumb-sucker but I would rather her have the pacifier because I can take it away when I don’t want her to have it any more and fingers get dirty. 😉


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