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Sep 7 2012

The Sixth Week of Emmerson


What a fun week with you sweet girl! You suddenly transformed this week from a newborn into an interactive little baby girl! You are tracking us all the way across the room, moving your head to find us when we talk, smiling like crazy and trying to talk with the cutest cooing noises! You are just so engaged now and we are loving it!



You also started to sort of enjoy your bath! It's so nice to bathe you without you area I no the whole time! You even stayed calm enough that I could give you a little massage after your baths this week- it is such a special bonding time! I cherish it!



In other news, we also finally got batteries for the swing! That small development has made a huge difference to our daily life! You are now sleeping again without us having to hold you and I am able to get through more school with the boys without you being very upset that we aren't giving you our attention. (I think you get bored a lot of the time because you're so smart and want to do more than you are able to at this age! :-) )



We did have some VERY early mornings this week as well! Now that we have started school mama doesn't get to go back to sleep when you do, so that has been quite the adjustment! Although you seem to be helping me get my Hello Mornings goals underway, I hadn't really planned on getting up at 4:15am! (Although I should say that was an isolated incident.)



Last Friday we got to go over and meet your brand new little friend Amelia! She is just 3 weeks younger than you and it was so fun to see her and for your brothers to play with hers!



Over the weekend Daddy had to go back out of town (which was a huge bummer on Labor Day weekend). You attempted sucking your thumb a little bit again, with a little help from me and were just altogether cute while he was gone, as proven by these pictures:




On Thursday we had your 6 week check up with Dana and weighed in at 9.12 lbs! You are so cute and petite! You still don't weigh what Judah did at just 3 weeks old, but he was a chunk! I love having you just be so delicate and little and… girly! Although you don't weigh,uh you have officially outgrown your Nanipoos newborn diapers. Your Kissaluvs size 0 and Thirsties x-small still fit but we have been a little short on diapers without those Nanipoos. I tried moving you into some size smells but your legs are just too skinny so they end up leaking! I think we are going to have to start using some prefolds just to make sure we have enough diapers on hand!



On Thursday we also went to our co-op's orientation day and afternoon at the park. We aren't participating in the actual co-op this fall because you are still so little, but mama is the Mom's Fellowship Coordinator so I needed to go and tell the ladies what will be happening this year and get everyone signed up. Everyone loved meeting you and it was so fun to have you be so smiley at all of them!



After that we headed up to Grammy and Pappy's house for dinner and your 6 week pictures. We got there pretty early, before Grammy got home, so I got to just sit and snuggle you while your brothers helped Pappy work around the property. It was a nice relaxing afternoon after a very busy morning!



We are just having so much fun with you sweet Emme! You fill our days with joy and we are ever so grateful for your presence in our family!

Love you always and forever,





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