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Aug 4 2013

2013-2014 Curriculum Choices- PK4 & 2nd Grades w/a toddler!

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We are very much looking forward to this year…. and, honestly, entering into it a bit trepidatiously. The last two years have both ended on a rough note. It has been a huge puzzle to try to figure out what works for Roman and how to get through to him. Numerous curricula have been tried and thrown out the window and many tears of frustration have been shed- for all involved parties!

So, this year, though I have been planning like a fiend, I have also been trying to bring a new perspective to the table- Right Brained Learning. When I first found the blog The Right Side of Normal and began reading I gasped and thought, “This was me! This is Roman!!” At once I breathed a sigh of relief that I understood where he was coming from and that he wasn't necessarily behind, just picking things up differently. At that same moment, however, I realized that I was going to have to go about things in a very different way to get through to him.

I brought what I was learning about this Right Brained approach to the Bold Husband and while he thought it did have some valid points, he reigned me back in a bit.

I have a tendency to, ahem, dive all in without completely thinking things through.

(nervously wrings hands and avoids eye contact)

So, we are not scrapping our plans for the year completely (goodness me, I've poured hours into them!) but we are viewing our chosen curricula through this new lense.

With that said, here are…

Our 2nd Grade Curriculum Choices for Roman

We are using My Father's World Adventures for our core but adding and subtracting from it to customize it for us and what works for our family. Here is how it all breaks down:



Reading, Writing, Spelling & Cursive

History & Geography:





  • MFW Tchiakovsky studies
  • Weekly Co-op music class
  • Beginning Drumming and Guitar (hopefully)


  • Weekly Co-op Class


Basketball with Upward


Our PK4 Curriculum Choices for Judah

Judah is much more straightforward and linear in his thinking, so I know that schooling him will be a very different sort of adventure. For the most part we will be bringing him alongside us in our My Father's World and Grapevine studies but just at his level. He will be doing a lot of playing with playdough and such while we are reading and discussing, and then will participate in as many of the projects as he can and has desire to.

I do have some things set aside specifically for him, that we will work through at his pace but try to be more diligent about following through with as I think he is really ready to have something more structured to accomplish this year (and I need a way to keep him out of mischief!). Here is what he will be working on:

Emmerson will be playing with toys, tearing plates and cups out of the kid-drawer in the kitchen and hopefully napping during a good portion of our school time. It will certainly be an adventure in trying to minimize distractions for Roman, especially!

The “Other” Stuff in Our Week

In addition to our daily curriculum we are also part of a co-op that meets for 3, 8-week sessions through the school year and we also meet every Monday with one other like-minded family who uses the same curriculum as us to join forces on projects and help keep each other on track. It's also SO nice to have that time to hang out with another mom every week!

Tune in later this week for our latest Bold Turquoise On Live Webisode in which I'll talk more about our curriculum choices and show you a little bit about how our first week of school has gone! Plus I'll be offering a little encouragement to not give up when things don't go as planned! Also, don't forget to subscribe (up in the header!) for a free printable all-in-one calendar!

I am participating in iHomeschool Network's Not Back to School Blog Hop. Go check it out to see what other families will be using this year!


4 thoughts on “2013-2014 Curriculum Choices- PK4 & 2nd Grades w/a toddler!

  1. Amanda

    We did My Father’s World Adventures a couple years ago and just loved it. Had so much fun though we didn’t do every little thing listed. We are still sticking with My Father’s World, doing Rome to Reformation this year. Enjoy your year!

    1. MacKenzie Post author

      Thank you! We used MFW last year and really liked it (but same as you didn’t do every little thing). I’m hoping this year will be a good time for focusing more on the arts side of things for Roman.

      Have a blessed year with RtoR and thank you for stopping by!

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