Bold Turquoise

May 18 2017

CTL Ep 32 – Relationally Driven Homeschooling with Katie Duckett

This episode is sponsored by PlateJoy- The Meal Planner That Makes Healthy Eating Easy.  Go to to get 10 days FREE and enter the code LOVELY to get $10 off a membership.  Thank you, PlateJoy! Today’s guest is the lovely Katie Duckett sharing how she took her homeschooling from frustration and check boxes to… Read more…

May 4 2017

CTL Ep 31- Real Bible Study for Busy Moms with Katie Orr

This episode is sponsored by Jelly Telly. Use code CULTIVATELOVELY to get your first week free and a free downloadable coloring book! A Fun New Course from Bold Turquoise I am so excited to announce that The Lovely Homeschool Course- Plan and Prep for a Bold & Gracious Year, is well on its way to being completed!  You… Read more…