Bold Turquoise

Jul 11 2017

CTLP Episode 35- Savoring Summer with Jamie Balmet

This episode is sponsored by PlateJoy- The Meal Planner That Makes Healthy Eating Easy.  Go to to get 10 days FREE and enter the code LOVELY to get $10 off a membership.  Thank you, PlateJoy! *********** This season’s final episode is with the lovely Jami Balmet. She and her husband have 5 kids under… Read more…

Jul 5 2017

3rd Quarter #HeartinHandChallenge

The 3rd Quarter #HeartinHandChallenge is here!! This summer we will be in Ruth and throughout the fall we will be in the Book of James. I am really looking forward to ruminating in both of these books during the coming months and letting their words sink in deeply.  Both books are packed full of wisdom… Read more…