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Oct 27 2016

CTLP Ep 21- #HeartinHandChallenge


Join the Challenge!

First- Download and Print the bookmark right here!



  1. Choose your style. There are lots of ideas in the Periscope shows below, but please, don’t go buy fancy stuff unless it excites you – the goal of this challenge is just to WRITE the WORD and cement it in our hearts and minds by meditating on it and looking at it throughout our days and all month long.
  2. Do it!
  3. Share it! Share your journey with others on social media with #heartinhandchallenge and if you want to make sure MacKenzie sees it, remember to tag her at @boldturquoise.

Periscope #HeartinHandChallenge Idea Shows

If you need some inspiration, then check out these shows MacKenzie did on Periscope over the last couple of weeks-

Cultivating the Lovely #heartinhandchallenege 10 Days/10 Ways – an introduction to the #heartinhandchallenge and ideas using 3×5 Cards or Post-it Notes

CTL- 10 Days/10 Ways Day 2 – using Project Life Cards or any journaling cards

CTL Heart in Hand ideas (take 2)! – using a Composition Notebook, a Journal, or a Traveler’s Notebook


CTL Heart in Hand Challenge Ideas – take 3 – More on using a Traveler’s Notebook

Cultivating the Lovely #heartinhandchallenge in a Personal Ring-Bound Planner


CTL #heartinhandchallenge A5 ideas

CTL #heartinhandchallenge #happyplanner ideas


CTL #heartinhandchallenge poster idea

Some Favorite Supplies-

There will be a more detailed blog post with pictures coming in the days ahead – but here is a pretty good list of the supplies talked about in the scopes above!

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3 thoughts on “CTLP Ep 21- #HeartinHandChallenge

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  2. Amanda Carruthers

    Studying the verse for today (Hebrews 13:8) and was blown away by the definitions of “ever.” So I thought I’d share… So encouraging! He is the same for EVER.
    Ever=at any time, at any period or point of time. At all times, always, continually. Forever, eternally, to perpetuity, during everlasting continuance.


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