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Nov 10 2016

CTLP Ep 22 – Living the Charlotte Mason Lifestyle with Leah Boden


Leah Boden is known for speaking on the Charlotte Mason Method, motherhood, and leadership but in addition to all that in this podcast we go a little bit more behind the scenes into what life is really like for the Bodens and what Leah reads for herself, among other things.  Meal plans, housekeeping, beautiful walks in the English countryside- it’s all in this epsiode!

One big thing we talk about in regards to implementing the Charlotte Mason Method (or any new approach to homeschooling of family routine) is remembering to give ourselves space and time to slowly implement new things. Doing exactly what another family does with the Charlotte Mason Method may not be what works for your family. We need to remember that there’s freedom in form and we need to always feel free to press the restart button when something isn’t working for us or our family.

Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life.

Leah and I also talk “Atmosphere.” This is the ideas that rule our lives, our influences. Leah encourages us to ask ourselves, “what is the foundation of how I approach loving my children, nurturing them, guiding them?” The answer is your atmosphere. It impacts what you expose your kids to, what books they read, and the environments you let them into. Leah shares how running a home and family well really does requires routine, rhythm and structure. Rhythms and routines help with kids’  behavior and attitudes – and it helps mom too! Routine helps us to have something to be accountable to – and helps us know the next thing to do when things get overwhelming.

I also chatted with Leah about filling up, self care, and the importance of understanding yourself – knowing who you and what fills you up is good for your husband and your kids!



Leah has been so generous as to offer up one spot for her brand new course, Transformation Through Narration, on her new site, Modern Miss Mason.  Head over to my Instagram feed @boldturquoise to enter to win!

Modern miss mason

Resources Mentioned-

Leah mentions many favorite authors, including: Charlotte MasonShauna NequistElizabeth GougeBonhoeffer, and Elizabeth Gilbert.

Podcasts- On Being with Krista TippettA Delectable Education Charlotte Mason Podcast, and Pam Barnhill’s Your Morning Basket.

Movies- Cheaper by the Dozen & Eat Pray Love

Find Leah-

You can find Leah at her website, on The Charlotte Mason Show on Periscope, and across social media as @leahboden.

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6 thoughts on “CTLP Ep 22 – Living the Charlotte Mason Lifestyle with Leah Boden

  1. Michelle

    Just listened to this and it was so great! Thanks so much, both of you. I am so encouraged and inspired. Still wondering what that indie movie of Leah’s was though! Haha… please let me know! 🙂


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