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Jan 12 2017

CTLP Ep 23- Cultivating Your Mama Culture with Brandy Vencel

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Today MacKenzie is chatting about Mother Culture with the lovely Brandy Vencel of the Afterthoughts Blog. While the term “Mother Culture” was coined by Charlotte Mason, the concept applies to ALL moms – not just homeschool moms! The first mention of Mother Culture was in The Parent’s Review (a Charolette Mason magazine) in the Late 1800’s. So, what is it? Simply explained, it is 30 minutes a day of reading. You select 3 different kinds of books to choose from to fit the mood of your day- a stiff book, a moderately easy book, and a novel. Why all the reading? It boils down to the fact that just because we’re mamas – doesn’t mean we have to stop learning and enjoying learning.

CTL Ep23

Brandy began blogging because it supported, and held her accountable to, her mother culture. A blog was the perfect place to process what she was reading and learning. But blogging is not for everyone – think about your current season. Where can accountability come from for you to read? Where and how can you work through what you are reading and learning? Look for time you can use – while kids are in sports, dance, appointments, etc. Don’t wait until you have the perfect setting or a chance of time, just do a little bit several times a day!

Here is one of Brandy’s posts on the idea of Mother Culture.

And here are the mother culture summer reading lists that she mentioned on the show-



Podcasts & Movies-


Pam Barnhill – Your Morning Basket

Mortification of Spin

Circe Institute Network
lostcity thor

Find Brandy-

On her blog, hosting the Scholé Sisters Podcast, hosting her NEW podcast AfterCast, on the auxiliary board of amblisideonline, and over at Teaching Reading with Bob Books.

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4 thoughts on “CTLP Ep 23- Cultivating Your Mama Culture with Brandy Vencel

  1. Vanessa

    I absolutely love this episode because I am on a search to come up with my own curriculum for myself to do along with my children and this has given me more of a motivation to do so. I love that I’m not the only mother who thinks she herself needs to continue her own education. I have already pick Ambleside Online for my children education curriculum so if they make one for parents (hint hint Brandy) I would totally be on board.Thank you ladies!

    1. MacKenzie

      Thank you so much for sharing and I’m glad you enjoyed the episode! I’d love to hear what you decide to study when you’ve worked out your own curriculum!

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