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Jan 27 2017

CTLP Ep 24- Talking Books, Reading & the Value of Fiction with Rebekah Sacran

Episode 24- Rebekah

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This episode was so much fun to record!  Rebekah is a very dear friend of mine and she actually co-hosted this episode with me, rather than just having me interview her.  I loved getting to just chit chat with her about books, the power of fiction in our lives and even some other fun ideas for how you can bring history alive for your family and help span the generations. We dropped the names of lots of books in this episode, so let’s get right to the list!

Christy Miller51EFJEZAX7L._AC_US160_51HK0CBHEFL._AC_US160_Elsie DinsmoreLittle House on the Prairie51d4Bq4fdIL._AC_US160_51bk5Xmy9sL._AC_US160_All the Light We Cannot See


Some of MacKenzie & Rebekah’s Favorite Books from 2016CHARLOTTE MASON VOL 1For the CHildren's SakeFour Seasons in Rome51akHGzbHiL._AC_US160_-1


Old Time Radio & TV Shows

Carol Burnett513SAX2bjgL._AC_US160_

Rebekah’s Favorite Movies-

The Ghost & Mr ChickenHot to Steal a Million51WytTF0BwL._AC_US160_

Rebekah’s Favorite Podcasts-

The Big Boo Podcast

A Delectable Education

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