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Feb 9 2017

CTL Ep 25- The Importance of Being in the Word with Heidi St. John


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You’re in for a real treat – this episode is just PACKED with so much amazing truth and encouragement – you’ll need to listen twice!

Heidi St. John is a homeschooling mama of seven who has a passion to teach women how to study the Word for themselves. Today MacKenzie and Heidi are talking about the tragic messages being spread throughout our culture under the guise of Christianity and how we can combat those messages and protect ourselves and our children from clinging to false messages claiming to be gospel truth.


In today’s “accept everyone, offend no one” culture, we can’t let ourselves be influenced by others’ interpretation of God’s Word. Heidi stresses how we don’t need anyone else to tell us what the Bible says – it was written for us to be able to discern for ourselves, with the power of the Holy Spirit!

MacKenzie and Heidi discuss how moms feel so much pressure to do all the things, yet they don’t feel the need to really be discipling their kids – or themselves. If your plate is too full, then pray to God for Him to show you the things that need to be cut back and are unnecessary. We need to be doing the things that really allow us to seek the Lord first.

Matthew 6:33 says to “seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Notice it says to do the seeking first – and then all the things will be added. Not “do all the things and then see where you can fit God in.” It’s really a Lordship issue – either God is the Lord of our life, or He isn’t.  God already knows the season of life that we’re in. If we take the time to give Him the time we have, He multiples it.

Want a great resource to get into word daily? Check out Heidi’s Scripture Writing Challenge and our own Cultivating the Lovely Heart in Hand Challenge writing through the book of 2 Peter.

Heidi also shares the importance of finding time to take care of ourselves physically and emotionally, and how we need to resist the temptation to stay at home and hide behind the “friendships” of the internet – even when it’s hard to get out with many littles at home. We need to be seeking  opportunities to be in real life community with other moms who can help hold us accountable to the Truth.


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4 thoughts on “CTL Ep 25- The Importance of Being in the Word with Heidi St. John

  1. Erin

    I really enjoy all your podcasts, but this podcast with Heidi St. John was definitely my favorite. It was such an encouragement to me, and convicting as well. Thank you, thank you for having a podcast on this topic.

  2. Melanie Ireland

    Thank you so much for your podcast. You are a real mom and that is encouraging. I really like your podcast and this one with Heidi St John was one of my favorites. Good, good stuff!!

    1. MacKenzie

      Thank you so much! There has been such a positive response for that episode- it has been very encouraging to hear!


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