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Feb 23 2017

CTL Ep 26 w/ Erika Hull- Do Yourself a Favor

The Podcast 26

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This episode is full of tips for moms, wives and woman alike, who need ideas on things they can do for themselves during a dark season, the dreary winter months, or when they just need a little pick me up. There are several ways you can help yourself, shake off the cooped up feeling and bring a little joy to your day without even leaving the house.

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Isn’t it pretty?! Erika did a great job!

Tips for Doing Yourself a Favor!

Tip #1 – The first tip sounds really obvious but its a good one. Even starting off super simple, a clean face makes a huge difference. Just start making a commitment of washing your face every night before bed and you will see a huge difference. A great natural cleanser is Trader Joe’s Nourish and you will feel like a new woman.

Tip #2 – Take a couple of minutes to talk to a girlfriend, even if its a virtual conversation. Connecting can be so energizing and reviving when you talk about your day or encourage each other to get your to do list done. With today’s technology it is so much easier to find like-minded women who have a lot of similar interests. We highly recommend the Voxer and Marco Polo apps to help you stay connected!

Tip #3 – We need adult conversations!!! And when we can’t actually get those conversations, we all need to do ourselves a favor and subscribe to some podcasts. At least we can be surrounded by adult conversations while we are making dinner or folding laundry. One of MacKenzie’s favorite “just fun” podcasts is The Wally Show on WayFM. 

Tip #4 – Audiobooks are a fabulous way to get in time to take a break. Read a book that is fun, intriguing and just relaxing, not always just intense learning all the time. A favorite recent listen has been Lauren Graham’s “Talking as Fast as I can”.

Tip #5 – Is everyone asleep in your house?  Then give yourself permission to take a relaxing bath! You know those bath bombs that you got over the holidays, yes those on the edge of the tub, USE them. Add in some epson salt to get some magnesium in your body that will help you get a more restful sleep.

Tip #6 – Vitamins and Minerals (disclaimer – we are not doctor’s or giving medical advice) We have both found that making more of an effort to take care of our bodies we can better take care of our families because we are filling ourselves with what our bodies need. Do yourself a favor and take your vitamins.

Tip for a Tip- “Piggyback things you want to make sure you get done off of other things that you are doing” This will increase your efforts of developing a routine and making better habits.

Tip #7 – Use your planner! Don’t let the decorating and fun parts of it become a roadblock to actually using it. Making a plan helps our days move smoother because we stop trying to hold all of that information in our heads. A great conversation on this exact topic can be heard on the first guest episode of Cultivating the Lovely the Podcast, “Attitudes and Organization with Mystie Winckler.” When we try to hold on to all of the information in our heads, things are forgotten, which in turns develops into more stress. When you are really efficiently using your planner, you see how things effect each other in a more clear layout, and you can go into your week more relaxed because you can see the larger picture.

Tip for a Tip- “If you don’t plan it and make it a priority, it’s not going to happen.”

Tip #8 – Meal Planning!!!!! Meal planning can help reduce the stress of your week and in turn give you more of a relaxed attitude day to day. Develop a list of “Master Meals” so you can refer to it and incorporate them in each week, then the meal planning doesn’t take as much time. A great way to keep all these on hand and organized is through Plan to Eat. If you want to simplify things even more and have all the guess work taken out of meal planning for you, then Prep Dish could be the way to go.

Tip #9 – Reward yourself after accomplishing your mundane tasks. Erika gives an example of how she uses her Quick Cleanups (provided for you in a free bookmark download- available to all subscribers), and makes it fun for you! Set a timer and get your task done, then sit down and reward yourself with something you are interested in like brush lettering, journaling or something that has a visual result so you can see it and remember what you accomplished. We tend to forget the moments we’ve given ourselves if we don’t see it afterwards.

Tip #10 – Delegate, Moms! There are tasks on your list that your children can help with. It is a good mothering trait to teach your children to be able to do these tasks. We need to be the example, stay on top of it and work along side them. In this day and time we are living in the age of child-centered homes, where so much of what we do is dictated by our children’s needs, or more so their wants, and we forget this is not how life has been in the past and it doesn’t have to be now. We really need to nurture our children and grow them up in the idea that it takes a family to raise a family and that we all live here, so it takes all of us to maintain it.

“Our children won’t come up to us and say “Mom why don’t you take a break, you deserve it.” There has to be a balance so you remember who you are and can take joy in your purpose.”

Reading stories from kids in history can help show your children how this has been a way of life for a long time. A few great books would be The Little House on the Prairie Series or Childhood of Famous Americans (Such as- Daniel Boone: Young Hunter and Tracker (Childhood of Famous Americans))

Tip #11 – Do yourself a favor and keep the “good” cookies or chocolate for yourself and don’t feel guilty about it. These are Erika’s Favorites-

And MacKenzie Likes these chocolates-

Tip #12 – Fancy coffee or tea, if that is your thing. Take a few moments to just enjoy that few moments. It is the little things and that is what we forget. It doesn’t have to be these grand gestures of a full day away or mani/pedi afternoons, it really is the little things we can incorporate into our daily lives to stave off the total burn out.  Here is MacKenzie’s favorite ground chocolate to add to her coffee every morning-

Tip #13 – Netflix and Me time – Sometiems it’s nice to just be entertained, to take a break and relax. Want some great show ideas? Catch the periscope conversation here, where MacKenzie delved into some great shows and why she is enjoying them. But let’s just say…

Other shows mentioned in that scope included-

And if you are curious about the book that MacKenzie has been reading about Victoria and Albert, it was called We Two by Gillian Gills and you can find it here-

Remember, just do yourself a favor and take time for yourself so that you have the physical and emotional strength to take care of others. You will be a better wife, mom, friend and individual when you make a little time for you and not feel guilty about it.

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7 thoughts on “CTL Ep 26 w/ Erika Hull- Do Yourself a Favor

  1. Jamie

    I’m just now listening to this episode and I had to laugh about the skin care talk…I’m 42 and have the worst skin care 🙂 but always have the best skin…genetics, genetics, genetics

  2. Erin

    I was curious as to what your skincare regimen looks like? I love your podcasts, and I don’t have social media, so I figured the best way was to write a comment asking more about skincare.

  3. Molly

    I’d love to download the bookmark, but it just takes me to the subscribe page and I already subscribe to your blog.


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