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Mar 9 2017

CTL Ep 27- Art and Faith with Ali Brown


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Ali Brown has an amazing way of intersecting her faith with her art. She has a fabulous YouTube channel all about her artsy planning systems and faith art journaling. Ali is passionate about the fact that we were created to created. That’s how God -the Master Creator- built us. Yes, you heard that right – everyone one is creative! We just don’t always know how to express our God-given creativity, or we get hung up thinking it needs to be “art.” People can create in so many ways other than art, music or photography. Creating can be things like creating organizational systems or being creative with your time.

CLT EP27-create

Ali is so passionate that the Lord wants us to experience what He sees – we so often look to the world for entertainment and don’t realize the color, smells and sounds that are in the throne room. Ali calls her art “prophetic art” or “creative worship” – learning to put what we learn from our quiet times or worship times with the Lord onto paper.

Ali’s love of watercolor art transfers seamlessly into her planning style. Why pretty planning? Because you will use it more when it draws you in! When we invest in ourselves by making something look the way we enjoy, then we’re likely to be more intentional about using that journal or planner. How do you get started? Simple. Just add some color to your planner or notebook. You can use ANYTHING- paints, pens, stickers, markers – whatever is your own style. Here are some of Ali’s favorite resources you could try out-

Ali’s Favorite Art Journaling and Planning Supplies

Daniel Smith’s Watercolors (although Ali uses half-pans that she purchases off Etsy)

Water Soluble Graphic Pencils

Derwent Fine Line Markers

B6 Slim Size Traveler’s Notebook (from Chic Sparrow, this one links to MacKenzie’s favorite B6 Classic Pemberley in “Tenerife Sea” aka turquoise)

Jane Davenport’s Art Supplies

Other Resources Mentioned-


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