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Mar 23 2017

CLT Ep 28- Myers-Briggs for Moms with Mystie Winkler

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Today we’re welcoming back Mystie Winckler, who was the first official guest of Cultivating the Lovely Podcast when she shared with us her passion for organization and how attitude is everything. If you haven’t already, you’re going to want to listen to that first show – it was a GREAT episode! Well, this time Mystie’s back talking about her second love: personality types with the Myers-Briggs personality typing system.

Here is a helpful page that lists the various free online Myers-Briggs tests.

What is Myers-Briggs?

Extrovert/Introvert (E/I)

Sensing/iNtuition (S/N)– This area focuses on how you like to take in information. It descibes the filter you prefer to use when taking in information (we all use a little of every letter to some extent).

Thinking/Feeling (T/F)– This area focus on discussion making: what you DO with the information you’ve taken in.

The middle letters (S/N and T/F) are most important because they talk about how your brain is wired. This is all about how you like to take in information and what you prefer to do with it.

Perceiving/Judging – Which of your middle letters do you use to deal with the outside world? We all need and DO use all four letters – it’s just how we use them and how we prefer them. Perceiving relates to how you use your S/N and Judging relates to how you use your T/F.

No one type of personality is the “best” because all letters and types have strengths and weaknesses. We need all the letters and all the types to have a functioning community. All personality types complement and complete each other.

How is this helpful for moms?

Knowing our kids’ strengths and weaknesses helps us to handle situations appropriately and see why what we’re doing with one child may not be working with another. We can’t treat all our kids the same way and we can’t educate them all the same way – because each one of them is different! Myers-Briggs helps us understand the dynamics in our marriage, our homeschool, and even inside our own heads. Understanding how we’re wired helps us to use our strengths well and be aware of our weaknesses and how we can grow.

Knowing how our kids types differ from our own is helpful for everyone! Sometimes things that look like discipline problems or things kids are doing wrong, aren’t either of those, but are really just a differing of personalities. Each of our kids bring different gifts to the world, and we don’t want to squash those gifts mistaking them for disobedience issues.

Our kids are learning how to be themselves and we can help them learn to use their strengths well and understand their limitations. When we as moms know our kids’ personalities, we can help them learn to be better versions of themselves, not try to make them into mini versions of ourselves.


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2 thoughts on “CLT Ep 28- Myers-Briggs for Moms with Mystie Winkler

  1. Bobbiann

    I totally enjoyed this podcast! After trying unsuccessfully to find my letters some time ago, I finally got it nailed down today. I’m an ISFP, but the I is borderline. Thanks for your help, ladies!

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