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Apr 6 2017

CTL Ep 29 – Choosing Joy with Trisha Goyer


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Today MacKenzie welcomes back Trisha Goyer (check out her first interview) to talk about everything from good books, to dating, to finding joy with a houseful of kids. Tricia is a mom to 10, a homeschooler, writer, speaker and a lover of Jesus. As an author, speaker, and mom to many she knows full well the frustrations that can come with finding joy in all the mundane tasks which must be done. Tricia and MacKenzie talk about the importance of finding the joy in all things. Purposefully seeking and choosing joy is not easy. It is so important that we choose not to become overwhelmed by all the daily tasks ad projects and take the time to ENJOY our family.

CTL Ep29

We can find so much joy in our children – even when out to-do list is a mile long. Sometimes, taking the time to listen well to them can fill our hearts in ways we wouldn’t expect. As moms we need to put down our phones, look away from our projects and focus our attention fully on our children – we need to do better at listening to them and truly seeing them.

Having “me time” is good and wonderful – but we get so much from pouring into our kids and husbands, from giving of ourselves – even when we might rather be doing something else. It’s also important to remember that joy has a ripple effect – our kids realize and play offs of our attitudes of overwhelm and frustration. If we make it a point to be present with them and enjoy that time – they will be filled and more joyful too.

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You can find Tricia on her website, and on her podcast Living Inspired. You can find her across social media as @triciagoyer – follow her on FacebookPinterest,  TwitterYouTube, and Periscope.


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