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Dec 15 2015

3 Questions to Determine the Best Christmas Traditions for Your Family

Determining Best Christmas Traditions
When I was growing up my family did Christmas the same every year.  Same meal, same house, same sequence of events.  It was entirely predictable in every way but it was ours, we all knew it and somehow the predictableness of it all helped build the anticipation of what was to come each year.  The sameness made it special.
It wasn’t until the year that my family had a big divide and things changed that I fully grasped the significance of our family’s suddenly altered traditions.  It was at that point that Christmas lost a lot of its wonder for me and began to just feel like any other day of the year, despite the fact that we were now eating a fancier meal and for all intents and purposes it was supposed to be “better…”
If you would like to read more about how I break down Christmas traditions and help you get a grip on what really matters this holiday season, then head over to Let Every Heart for the rest of this post!  Tell Courtney I sent ya’!


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