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Sep 29 2013

31 Days of Bellies, Birth and Babies

This is the main hub for my 2013 “31 Days of… ” series. If you are here from the 10 Day hopscotch from iHomeschool Network you’re in the right place too (you just get an extra 21 days to tickle your fancy!). Here is where you can come for links to all the posts, videos and printables. It will be updated daily as more posts are added. (Scroll to bottom to see post list)

Bellies, Birth and Babies

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If you would like to get more involved with this series then please leave any questions you may have either here in the comments or on the Bold Turquoise FB page and I will be sure to answer them and allow others to join in the conversation on my FB page.

Bellies, Birth and Babies Pinterest Board

During this series I will also be featuring pins about everything related to Pregnancy, Birth, Babies and Postpartum Recovery to my new Bellies, Babies and Birth Pinterest board– come follow!

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This is Only the Beginning!

By early in the new year I hope to have all of these posts compiled with much more into a comprehensive ebook! I would love to also feature questions, advice and more from this community to that book! So that means I really want you all to get involved and develop a community here in October! Share the posts, comment, engage and let’s support each other in our motherhood journeys!

All subscribers to the blog and fans on the Facebook page will also receive coupon codes for the book as well as opportunities tow in a copy!

Want more 10 Days of… Posts?

iHomeschoolNetwork is currently hosting a whole BUNCH of great 10 Days of… posts on everything from homeschooling, to parenting, to family and more! Be sure not to miss checking them out!


Autumn 10 Day Hopscotch with iHN

Series Posts

Day 1- Meet the Doula- My birth Journey

Day 2- How to Choose a Pregnancy Care Provider- A Step-by-Step guide to Finding the Right Person for You and Your Baby

Day 3- How to Find a Good Birth Class

Day 4- Protein in Pregnancy- Why It’s Important and How to Get It

Day 5- Essential Oils in Pregnancy

Day 6- 5 Ways to Physically Prepare for Birth and Alleviate Pregnancy Aches

Day 7- Where ya’ Gonna’ Birth?

Day 8- The Baby Shower Registry– What you ACTUALLY need!

Day 9- Perks of a Waterbirth

Day 10- What Position is Baby in?

Day 11- Homebirth Must-Haves– Beyond the Birth Kit

Day 12- Planning & Styling Your Homebirth– the how and the what-for(?)!

Day 13- 8 Guideline for Choosing Who To and Who NOT To Invite to Your Birth

Day 14- Oh Wait- There’s a Baby!  OR The Importance of Loving on Your Baby in Utero

Day 15- The Three Words Your Doula Never Wants to Hear

Day 16- Essential Oils for Birth

Day 17- Tips for Handling Early Labor

Day 18- Is a Doula Really Worth it?

Day 19

Day 20

Day 21

Day 22

Day 23

Day 24

Day 25

Day 26

Day 27

Day 28- Bellies, Birth and Babies Giveaway!

Day 29

Day 30

Day 31