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Oct 1 2012

31 Days of Realness

As I've mentioned, I've really been wanting to blog more lately. Well, The Nester's 31 Days of… post challenge for the month of October was the perfect thing to get me going and motivated! She specifies in the challenge that your supposed to pick a theme but since my main goal is to just get writing consistently again, I decided to keep my theme pretty loose. On the heels of this post, it seemed only appropriate that I blog

31 Days of Realness

(I'm still working on my cute little button- let's be real, I don't have a lot of spare time these days! 😉 )

I want to blog about all sorts of real life topics. Everything from a play by play of one of our days, to my thoughts on how my kids dress, to how I manage to get dinner on the table, I want just get down and real with you guys!

But beyond what I have specifically planned, I also really want to know what YOU want me to get real about. I would really love to hear from my readers about what you guys would like me to get real about! So PLEASE leave a comment with your ideas or questions- I would love to feature and respond to you wonderful ladies here! You can also email if you want-, or leave your comment on my Facebook page or @boldturquoise on twitter.

To top off the Realness I am also going to start up a way for you ladies to really get involved- Get Real Wednesdays! Each Wednesday I am going to host a link-up for any posts YOU have written in a real way about real life. Some weeks I may give a theme, some I may not, but I just really want to hear from you ladies! You can also use the hashtag #boldandreal on Instagram or twitter any old day of the week that you feel like getting real!

So that's pretty much it-

  • Come hear to read REAL life posts
  • Comment or email to tell me what REAL things you want to read about
  • Share your REALNESS on your blog and link up here on Wednesdays
  • Share your REALNESS on twitter or Instagram any old time!


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4 thoughts on “31 Days of Realness

  1. sarahronk541

    personally since I’m right behind on you the 3rd baby train… realness about adjusting to life with three, realness of getting homeschool done with a newborn. I’m guessing my new way of life and theme will have to be -be flexible!- Ha! I’ll keep you posted if I think of other realness stuff… 🙂 Great topic!


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