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May 4 2017

CTL Ep 31- Real Bible Study for Busy Moms with Katie Orr


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This Week on the Show-

Today MacKenzie is talking with Katie Orr, creator of the Focused 15 Bible Studies. She is wife to a pastor and homeschooling mom to three kids ages 11, 9, and 7. Katie is sharing today why she created her studies and how being in the Word is so important – no matter how that looks.

We know “good Christians” are “supposed” to be in their Bibles – but how to study? What does it look like? She learned how to study in college, but then after becoming a wife and mom the time to use those tools and do that kind of focused deep study was gone. Through her struggle of trying to find time for studying God’s Word, Focused 15 was born. Instead of trying to go through things quickly, she takes you through a small portion of scripture verse by verse reading through with a different lens each time. It allows you to go deep in a small chunks of time.

Bible study doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The Holy Spirit will reveal what the Word means to us – we don’t have to have a library of commentaries at our fingertips. Commentaries aren’t bad – but we shouldn’t always look to others to tell us the Truths that are meant for us to read and understand ourselves through the Spirit.

It’s important for us to remember that “quiet time” doesn’t look the same for all moms – and it certainly doesn’t look the same after kids! It is okay to do Bible study in the midst of kids and life. Yes, having that alone time is wonderful and for many of us very needed and desired – but we need to remember that it is okay to meet with God any time of the day. It doesn’t even have to be at the same time of day or look the same each day. And what better thing for our kids to remember of us than us spending time in the Word!

CTL Ep31

Bible Study Resources-

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Katie’s Focused 15 Bible Studies-






If you have questions about Bible study, what it looks like, ideas for study, book themes – you’ll want to check our Katie’s podcast that’s chalked full of resources for Bible study.

The-FOCUSed15-Podcast – scripture reading challenge community and Bible study resources

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Find Katie-

You can find Katie on her WebsiteTwitter, FacebookInstagramYouTube, and check out her Bible Study Hub Facebook Group.


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