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May 18 2017

CTL Ep 32 – Relationally Driven Homeschooling with Katie Duckett

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Today’s guest is the lovely Katie Duckett sharing how she took her homeschooling from frustration and check boxes to building her year relationally with her kids. Katie has been homeschooling for seven years and currently has boys in 6th, 5th, and kindergarten, with a 2 year old girl along for the ride!

After reaching a low in frustration from trying to get all the things done, which just resulted in not enjoying school and even questioning if homeschooling maybe wasn’t right after all, Katie realized she was listening to the wrong voices. Before she could truly embrace who she was created to be as a homeschooler, she needed to stop listening to the other voices who said what you should or should not do. That coupled with some great books (see resources) helped her develop the Relationally-Driven Homeschool method.

Kate’s role as teacher changed from checking things off a list to coming alongside her kids and learning with them while really paying close attention to the condition of their hearts.  Their homeschool time became greatly simplified as Katie immersed her family in great books and deep conversations to foster a true love of learning.

“The end goal should be for our kids to have good relationships with us, their siblings, to feel safe exploring who they were made to be, and to be fully versed in the fabric of history that makes our lives so rich. We get the privilege of being with our kids 24/7 – seeing their heart issues and character struggles and being able to help them through those. It’s never just about the math being hard – there’s a deeper character issue and we have the liberty to stop, draw back and get to the heart of the issues.” – Katie Duckett

CTL Ep32

Her Instagram!  may_these_arrows_fly

You simply MUST head over to Katie’s instagram account- may_these_arrows_fly – and read all the amazing goodness that she has been posting about #relationallydrivenhomeschooling! Just use that hashtag to go back and read all of the posts in order.  You will feel both inspired and refreshed when you take it all in.

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You can find Katie on IG as may_these_arrows_fly.


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