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Jun 27 2017

CTL Ep 34- Raising Boys with Good Character with Heather Haupt

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On this episode of Cultivating the Lovely, Heather Haupt pulls up a chair to chat about how a stellar opportunity to build character within her boys was birthed.  Blogger turned traditional author, Heather embarked on the adventure of a lifetime after learning about the Middle Ages in her child’s history book years ago.  With a background in neuroscience, it never occurred to her how fascinating history could be.

After further research, Heather learned about the origin of chivalry, the knight’s code of conduct, and more.  The way a knight lived his life was regarded so highly that the nobility of the land even adopted it as common practice.  Her eyes were opened to a valuable, old way of living that encompassed everything she wanted to teach her boys about manhood and more.  In order to be an upstanding man of character, you needed to live by a code.  Besides, a warrior without any sort of moral compass would just be a mercenary.

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Chivalry became more than how a man treated a woman and the code of conduct became common verbiage in the Haupt household.  Her boys were mesmerized by the idea of what it meant to be a man of honor and so began their journey in knight training.

Heather stumbled upon this rich learning opportunity that capitalized on her boys’ love for battle while instilling truths deep within their hearts of the men God purposed them to be.  She started with the poem, “Song of Roland” and pulled out important principles that she could go over with her boys.  Attempting to create an atmosphere of adventure, she burned the edges of this list and posted it for all to see.  It instantly captivated their imaginations and they all began to look for ways to live these principles out in their everyday lives.  Knight training gave her boys a reference point while learning about important things like authority and obedience.  It also gave Heather and her husband a fresh reminder that their goal as parents was to raise their children up to successfully rule their own realm someday.

Years later, Heather reminisces on how this God-inspired adventure has forever shaped the conversations and culture of their family. Now, they are able to view every situation through the perspective of a knight, and how he would respond in different life circumstances, because they deeply know the character of a knight.  This training also instilled a sense of purpose within her boys, and a push to look outside themselves as to where they can step up and make a difference. Heather says that this has truly been a foundational part of character building within her children that she wouldn’t change a moment of.

All of Heather’s passions for literature, movement, pretend-play, imagination and raising boys have collided and resulted in the culmination of her new book called, “Knights in Training: Ten Principles for Raising Honorable, Courageous, and Compassionate Boys.”

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You can find Heather on her website at and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


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