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Jul 11 2017

CTLP Episode 35- Savoring Summer with Jamie Balmet

Jami Balmet EP35

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This season’s final episode is with the lovely Jami Balmet. She and her husband have 5 kids under age four – with two sets of boy twins and a new baby girl. If you think that sound busy – there’s more! Together Jami and her husband, Jason, run the The Young Wife’s Guide, an online ministry focused on gospel-centered homemaking. Jami brings moms the message that their focus in homemaking should be gospel – and not worrying about a perfectly clean home or gourmet meals. The Balmets also put on a yearly online homemaking conference each fall bringing in speakers from around the country (including MacKenzie again this year) to teach and minister to moms on their Christ-centered homemaking journey.


Jami and MacKenzie are chatting about summer lifestyle, and how they are intentionally working to savor their summers and busy work-at-home moms. The most important advice? Take the time to enjoy summer – don’t take on too many projects! Get outside and enjoy your kids! On the flip side – don’t miss opportunities for adventures in your hometown. Be intentional about making memories right in your own backyard.



Resources Mentioned-

Young Wife’s Guide


The SPI Podcast

Amy Porterfield

At Home with Sally

Find Jamie-

On her website The Young Wife’s Guide and on her podcast The Homemaking Foundations Podcast.

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