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Sep 19 2017

CTLP Episode #36- Back to the Roots

Copy of Ep # 36Back to the Roots


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Welcome back to Season 3 of Cultivating the Lovely!  I am so excited to be back with a new line-up of wonderful guests and lots of fun things packed into the coming year. This first episode back is filled with previews of what’s to come (including a reveal of all the guests for this fall!) along with how Cultivating the Lovely got started two years ago.  Here is what you can find in this episode-

Show Notes:

  • An intro to who I, MacKenzie Monroe and the host of the show, am. (Wife to a carpenter, mom to 4 kids between the ages of 2 and 11, voiceover actor, homeschooler and podcaster- you get the gist!)
  • The roots of where Cultivating the Lovely started


  • Our Awesome giveaway to launch Season 3!  (You can click here to leave your rating and review in iTunes or do it quickly from the Podcast App on your iPhone!)

Season 3 Launch Giveaway

  • My return to Periscope with 10 Minutes for Lovely
  • We’ve come out with new graphics this season and are freshening up the website, so you’ll definitely want to check that out!
  • The show notes are now more simplified and streamlined to help you find exactly what you’re looking for from each show.
  • We are switching from a feed-style email to a bi-weekly newsletter that will give you a quick snapshot of what is going on with the Podcast and Community. You can subscribe to the newsletter right here!

Later This Season:

Upcoming guests on the show along with their books that are coming out this fall (which you can order or pre-order below and help support these amazing authors).

Jodi McKenna

Erin Odom

Tricia Goyer

Mary DeMuth

Jess Connolly

Robin Jones Gunn

Dana K. White

Kat Lee

…and one more special surprise guest for our Christmas Show!


The Wally Show

The Simple Show with Tsh Oxenrider

Inspired to Action with Kat Lee

At Home with Sally

A Delectable Education

Wild + Free

Brave Writer


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2 thoughts on “CTLP Episode #36- Back to the Roots

  1. Brittany Rula

    When I try to listen to the podcast #36 I believe. I always use my headset and for some reason. Your voice is in 1 ear and the other lady is in the other. I’m not sure why? But The episode with just you didn’t do that. I just wanted to give you heads up.


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