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Sep 19 2017

CTLP Episode #37 with Jodi McKenna- Quiet Times for Kids & Young Adults

CTL Ep #37 BIG

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Show Notes:

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Now, on with the show!

Jodi McKenna is a homeschooling mom of 4, wife to Brian, entrepreneur with Young Living, hobby gardener, and real life friend to MacKenzie. (You can see the post she wrote on her own blog about our podcast episode right here!)

In this episode, MacKenzie and Jodi talk about how to cultivate the habit of a morning quiet time with young children and share some tips and favorite resources to facilitate that habit.

  • When they were babies and toddlers, Jodi trained her children to sit in their rooms quietly using a simple routine:
    -Yummy drink (tea for mom, milk for kids)
    -Quiet Worship Music
    -Bible story
    -Books to look at quietly while mom does her own Bible study
    -They learned to stay alone quietly in their rooms longer as they grew older


  • As her children matured, Jodi taught them to sit quietly together as a family and each have their own devotional time.
  • Find what works for your family and stage of life. The important thing is that they are learning the priority of spending personal time in God’s Word.
  • Make use of resources like an audio Bible app, coloring pages, kid’s devotionals, etc. to help guide your children as their needs and abilities change.


Current Lovelies-

  • Jodi has been inspired by The Nester and has been painting and decorating the school room.
  • MacKenzie has been documenting daily life & homeschooling progress in her Big Happy Planner.


Bible Study Resources:




                  precept matthew study


Other items mentioned:

Thinx Period Panties


Jodi McKenna- show graphic

Find Jodi-

You can find Jodi on her website, You can find her on the following social media: InstagramPinterest,  Twitter, Google+, and YouTube.

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5 thoughts on “CTLP Episode #37 with Jodi McKenna- Quiet Times for Kids & Young Adults

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  2. Tiffany B

    Definitely need to recommend this to my sister with all the Littles! You mention so many titles (& tips) that are great ideas!

  3. Brittany Rula

    So when I try to listen to the podcast on my headphones. It puts one person in one ear and you in another. I’m not sure what is going on but your episode with Just you didn’t do that. That’s my only complaint I normally listen to my podcast at work and I can’t use both headphones. 🙁


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