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Sep 19 2017

CTLP Episode 38 with Erin Odom- The Rice and Beans Life

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Show Notes:

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Now, for the actual show! Erin Odom is wife to Will, mom to 3 girls and 1 boy, full-time blogger and author of a new book called “More Than Just Making It” which released on Sept. 5, 2017.

On this episode Erin and MacKenzie talk about:

  • How a viral post on Erin’s blog eventually led to a book deal, with God’s hand clearly leading the whole process.
  • What it was like balancing family life, pregnancy and childbirth while writing a book.
  • Pacing yourself and recognizing what stage of life you and your family are in, instead of comparing yourself to other people online.


  • Taking your personality, strengths and weaknesses into account when looking for work and ministry opportunities, and doing what God has made you to do.
  • Erin’s family’s experience with serious financial difficulties and what it was like to be on government assistance, how she worked through the shame and gradually found hope and compassion in the midst of challenging circumstances.
  • Advice and encouragement for anyone in the midst of financial struggles.


Current Lovelies-

  • Erin is savoring the baby cuddles in this season of life.
  • MacKenzie is steeping herself in planning for the school year.


Erin’s book, More Than Just Making It:


Brilliant Business Moms

The Portfolio Life

Sorta Awesome


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Find Erin-

You can find Erin on her website, You can also find her on the following social media: FacebookInstagramPinterest, and Twitter.

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2 thoughts on “CTLP Episode 38 with Erin Odom- The Rice and Beans Life

  1. Stacy

    I loved this episode. My husband and I had to apply for food stamps a few months ago and I felt so ashamed. I work for a painting company doing office work. My husband is a roofer. As minimum wage keeps going up, so does our rent. We are now paying an outrageous amount for a tiny 2 bedroom duplex. When our rent first began going up, we tightened our budget and cut out unneeded expenses but eventually it got to the point where we needed to choose between buying food for our kids or paying the utility bills. whenever I go to the store, I always try to go during off hours when it won’t be so busy so there is less chance of someone seeing how I’m paying for our groceries. I swipe the card as quickly as possible and hurriedly put the card back into my wallet. I wish there wasn’t such a bad stigma when it comes to using aid when you really need it.

    1. MacKenzie

      I totally get it! I’m currently on a food card as well and I’d lie if I said I didn’t dread using it!


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