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Sep 26 2017

CTLP Episode 39 with Tricia Goyer-Living An Authentic Faith

CTL Tricia Ep 39


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Show Notes-

On this week’s episode, MacKenzie talks with her friend and popular Christian author and speaker, Tricia Goyer. In addition to her busy writing schedule, Tricia is also wife to John and mother to 10 children, 8 of whom are still at home!

In this episode, MacKenzie and Tricia discuss:

  • Tricia’s new book, Walk It Out, releasing October 1, 2017.
  • Her son Nathan’s first book, Bask
  • Summer travels, gearing up for homeschooling in the fall, and what it feels like to have a child preparing for college soon.
  • Keeping family routines and traditions while traveling to help maintain the family culture
  • Topics from Walk It Out, including:
  • Personal stories of Following after the Lord
  • Crafting a Family Mission Statement:
    • Step back and figure out what your big priorities are as a family, and purposing to do those things first.
    • Sit down and put down on paper what you really want to do as a family, as opposed to what you currently doing.
    • Know that you don’t have to prove yourself to anybody else. Just do what God has put on your hearts.


  • Let God use and redeem your life story, struggles and all. Being transparent gives us credibility as well as accountability.
  • Sharing her story of being a post-abortive woman and teen mom finally freed Tricia to be healed and freed from shame.


  • Stories of Tricia’s grandfather’s final days on earth and how it gave her a new perspective on eternity.
  • What MacKenzie loved about Walk It Out, and why you will, too!

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Current Lovelies-

Tricia:  Cultivating an attitude of thankfulness, studying Scriptures dealing with not grumbling, talking as a family how each person’s attitude was, what they were thankful for and what they need to work on.

MacKenzie:  Cultivating grace amidst extra challenges at the beginning of the school year, holding plans loosely and embracing the extra one-on-one time with each student instead of resenting it.

Resources Mentioned-

Tricia’s new book:

Nathan Goyer’s Book:


Raising Generations Today: Thrive Conference 2017

Find Tricia-

You can find Tricia on her website, and on her podcast Living Inspired. You can find her across social media as @triciagoyer – follow her on FacebookPinterest,  TwitterYouTube, and Periscope.

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