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Mar 1 2017

Is Genesis History? Not just for Homeschoolers!



I am so excited to share about this amazing documentary that I took my boys to last week! I talked about it for our Homeschooling Wednesday show but this is a documentary that I think everyone should see, probably even more so the students who aren’t homeschooled because it gives such a wonderful foundation for why what we believe in the Bible is not only historically accurate but scientifically true.

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I happened to hear that it was showing on the day that it was going to be in theaters and managed to snag us tickets at the very last minute! (Hear all about that story on the Periscope Show!) My boys are 7 and 10 and while the 7 year old fidgited a little, they both were completely interested over-all and it lead to some wonderful, deep discussions to follow.  I am very much looking forward to the video curriculum that is going to be released by Compass Classroom this spring that expounds on what was already being taught in the film.

They are holding two more encore dates of showings and I really cannot recommend this film highly enough.  For a comprehensive review of the project you can go here and you can view the trailer below.

Going Deeper & Teaching our Families

In today’s Periscope show we also talked about some other resources to help our kids learn the why behind what they believe (which is also important for us to know) as that is so important for defending their faith and helping their faith have a lasting impact on their lives.  Here are the resources that we mentioned-

Coming up…

Tomorrow on FB Live and Periscope we will be talking about some of my favorite household cleaners for Homemaking Thursday and don’t forget that we will be talking about breastfeeding on this week’s Crunchy Friday show!  So if you have any questions or topics that you would like addressed then be sure to leave a comment or contact me via Instagram of Facebook.

Until then, go be bold and gracious!

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