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Nov 7 2017

CTL Episode #42- God’s Blessings with Robin Jones Gunn

Robin Jones Gunn

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Show Notes-

This week’s episode features a discussion between MacKenzie and popular author Robin Jones Gunn. Together they talked about:

  • How Robin got started writing Christian fiction for teen girls and young women.
  • The place of Christian fiction in encouraging and modeling for young women what Christian life can look like.
  • How Robin gets her perspective for storytelling from being in community with real girls and women in the same stages of life as her characters.
  • You can pre-order Robin’s new book, Sunset Lullaby, right now and have it on your doorstep on November 10, 2017 when it releases!


  • Encouragement for women who have an idea or inspiration to do something big for God but feel like it is not coming together.

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Current Lovelies-

Robin: gathering greenery from outdoors and bringing it in to better appreciate the beauty of God’s creation.

MacKenzie: reading and listening to books that are building her up in her own faith and parenting.

Resources Mentioned-



Find Robin-

You can find Robin on her website, You can find her across social media on Facebook, Pinterest,  TwitterYouTube, and Instagram.

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