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Sep 19 2015

7 for Saturday- #2

7 for Saturday
Happy Saturday, Everybody!  Today I am bringing you the second post in what I plan to make a weekly event- 7 for Saturday:: My 7 Favorite Things from Real Life and the Web Over the Last Week!  Let’s not waste any time and just jump right in!


Podcasting Mic
1. This baby arrived!!!  Not sure what that is?  Well, it’s a professional recording microphone and it was the one thing standing in my way from getting Cultivating the Lovely- The Podcast off the ground.  This last week, however, God opened up a HUGE door through some affiliate sales and provided all the funds that I needed to make a go of it!  I am now in the process of finalizing my cover art, choosing intro music and contacting potential interviewees!  Eeek!  I’m so excited I can’t hardly stand it!  Thank you so much to all of you who have given me so much prayer and support for this new venture!  Keep those prayers comin’!


Work the Plan organization
2. Mystie Winckler’s Work the Plan (affiliate link) course is still rockin’ my world!  I don’t know if I ever would have gotten my sanity back after our 4th baby if it hadn’t been for her and her awesome course!  If you are wanting to take it this year then be sure you snag it before the end of the month because then it is going to disappear until January.


Elli Standing
3. This little chica is getting a kick out of standing up ALL the time!  She’s going to be off and running before we know it (or are ready for it), I can just tell.

Eating in the car
And since the hubs got paid this last week we had a ton of errands to run.  On Tuesday the kids and I camped out in the car between stores to scarf our deli food.  It’s moments like those when I am so glad that our car is ginormous!  I try to remind myself of those moments when I am parking it.

4. The Inside Scope, Ryan Bilello’s new podcast, launched this week with 10 episodes!  Yup, TEN!  I have been having so much fun hearing from all the scopers on his show who are using Periscope in new and unique ways to build community.  I continue to be impressed with the depth of relationship that is able to be formed through this platform and how quickly it develops… aaaaand it kind of makes me feel like I’m living on Star Trek.

5. Of course, since I absolutely love Periscope I just have to mention a couple of my favorite Scopes from this last week!  Amy Wyler @PolkaDotsWishes gave an amazing talk about 5 Easy Steps to Being on Your Way to a Joy Filled Life.

Also, Julie Bogart @BraveWriter completely knocked my socks off with this scope about Brain Based Learning for All Kinds of Learners.  I felt like I was sitting in on the most incredible college class… ever! It was just SO good!  And not to mention FREE! Holy cow, she blows me away!


Madame Chic
6. I am currently reading and enjoying At Home with Madame Chic (affiliate link).  It is a fun, French-take with a modern American twist on homemaking and it has given me pause more than once.  I wouldn’t endorse everything she says but a lot of it is very refreshing and interesting.

7. And finally, I would love if you decided to join me and the Cultivating the Lovely Community with this weekend’s challenge- Planning for Rest! Watch this scope to find out more about it and be sure to join us in our Facebook Group!


Please always remember that one of my absolute favorite things about all this business on the web is connecting with all of you!  So, don’t hesitate to leave a comment, email me or get in touch with me on social media.  In fact, if you are an email subscriber you can even just reply directly to this email- it’s as simple as that!

Go have a wonderful Saturday and be bold and gracious!

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