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Sep 26 2015

7 for Saturday #3

7 for Saturday
Phew!  This last week felt like a total whirlwind!  There has just been so much going on with Periscope and the podcast, not to mention homeschooling my kids and keeping them in relatively clean clothes!  This week’s 7 for Saturday will be short, sweet and real!

Cheetah Report
1. We had our monthly Homeschool Museum & Presentation Day yesterday with our quaint little co-op and it was so much fun!  Every time I meet with these families I am filled with awe and wonder at how the Lord has worked everything out and I feel so blessed to be in the midst of all these precious friends.  Every kid did such a great job and the projects were all so diverse.  We have so much more fun in store this year and it makes me positively giddy!


2. I was interviewed by Ryan Bilello of The Inside Scope Podcast today!!  I don’t usually get too nervous for these kinds of things but I was today!  It ended up being really fun, even if I keep replaying everything in my mind, wishing I would have added certain comments here or there.  Oh well!  My first ever interview is in the books!  Now I just need to start the interviews for my show!  Haha!


Lost tooth
3. This kid lost another tooth!  He seriously impresses me.  He just walked up to me in the kitchen after dinner and said, “Mom, try to pull it.”  So I did.  He got a big grin on his face and said, “Awesome!”  Let’s just say that that is not the teeth-pulling experience that we have dealt with in the past where we have practically had to sit on a particular child who had a tooth just hanging by a string but lost his mind when we needed to take it out! Not that I’m naming any names or anything…


Work the Plan organization
4.  I am looking forward to really Working the Plan this next week since it is our Harvest Break.  (We typically school for 6 weeks on and 1 week off)  I really need this week to get caught up on things and get life flowing efficiently.  Things have so exploded in my online world in the last month or so that I am needing to be much more deliberate and planned with my time.  The more I can streamline to make life less stressful and have the margin to cultivate loveliness, the better!

By the way!  Mystie Winckler’s Work the Plan course, which I am using, will only be available for a few more days and then it goes away until the beginning of January!  Get in now at the discounted price and exclusive webinars that only be available to these early purchasers!

5.  I am LOVING Sally Clarkson’s new podcast- At Home with Sally!  It is NOT to be missed!  Seriously- just run there and listen!  It’s also available on iTunes.

6. I’m really digging the natural skin care posts that Beth Ricci is doing on Red & Honey lately.  I have been using natural skin care for years but it is always fun to have a refresher and see what newer products are out on the market since I spent a lot of time researching!

7. I scoped this week about the freedom that comes when we do away with comparison and competition.  It’s something I feel strongly about and I was happy to spread my passion.  Watch it here-

For more real moments from our life, be sure to catch me on Instagram @BoldTurquoise!  And tell me what you loved about your last week- I really love to hear!  Just leave a comment or shoot me an email!

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6 thoughts on “7 for Saturday #3

  1. Rayelene

    I am so thankful that God led me to your periscope. I’m a nurse and I work some STRANGE shifts which makes it hard to be regularly involved in church. I have started the Philippians Bible study and I’m loving it!! Love your scopes and they’ve really become part of my morning ritual. I now start my day off with Bible study and LOVELY thoughts! God Bless!

    1. MacKenzie Post author

      Thank you so much for these sweet words and encouragement! I’m glad that the show helps infuse some God into your day!


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