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Sep 12 2015

7 for Saturday- Edition 1!

7 for Saturday Edition 1
It’s the weekend! Can I get a “Hallelujer!”?  This morning was so glorious, sleeping in and all that jazz.  Being up, peppy and ready to do my morning show all week long is so fun but also kinda kicking my butt!

Dear Sleep,
I miss you!
Deprived Night Owl

Now that I have slept in AND napped (yes mam, I did!) I wanted to hop on here to share with you all some of my favorite things from the last week! I wanted to include bits from our personal life as well as my favorite snippets from around the web and social media that are worth taking notice of. So, let’s dive right in!

My Baby Love!


1. This girl.  THIS GIRL!!  She’s my squishy!  My love bug!  I can’t imagine life without her or how I ever could have comprehended all I would have been missing if we had decided to be done with just 3 kiddos!  (Which believe me, I was close to!)

She is making such huge leaps in the last couple of weeks- it’s astounding!!  She learned to crawl just before 7 months, and just as I suspected, she is now so much more content and happy!  This girly was so bored before then!  She just wanted to move and explore and now that she can, she’s unstoppable.  She is already now getting up on her knees to grab things off chairs and coffee tables, standing up next to certain low-enough pieces of furniture, attempting the stairs (ahhhhh!) and climbing on top of things!

In other new fun developments, she learned to clap and now say “ca!” when she is doing it!  She also copies the syllables we use when we say “I love you!”  Soooooo cute!  Melt’s my heart every time!

Elli in the cupboards

She’s a whopping 22 lbs at just 7 1/2 months old and in mostly 18 month clothes (the exact opposite of her sister!) and I love every smooshy part of her!


2. We were in our 4th week of school already! What?! Yes! I oscillate between loving it, feeling totally on the ball and like my kids are the smartest on the plant… and thinking, “These kids are never going to learn anything!”

Luckily I have some very dear friends who lovingly offer me little smacks upside the head and remind me that homeschooling isn’t made up of single days or moments but a compilation of many, MANY strung together.  So we are plugging along and trying to really live into the learning this year.  And I can’t deny the fact that my children deciding to write their own play about Captain John Smith and Pocahontas kind of rocks my socks off!

my 3 weirdos
My favorite thing about homeschool this week, though, was by far our Friday Nature Day that started up for the year yesterday!  I designed some simple and customized nature journals for all the kids in the group that contain a basic scavenger hunt they will go on at each meet up throughout the year, in order to give them a little structure and not have them out running whilly-nilly the whole time (which we may or may not have witnessed on prior occasions).  The kids loved it, the moms loved it and it was all around fabulous!

nature study seeds

Homeschool nirvana, if you will.

The Results are in on Periscope!

3.  You all know I love me some Periscope, and this week just solidified everything I think about it!  Michael Hyatt published the results of his 30 day Periscope Experiment and it’s official- Periscope develops deeper, more authentic and impactful relationships than any other platform.  Period.

If you aren’t on Periscope yet it’s not too late to be an early adopter of this awesome platform!  Whether you want to just be a viewer to get to know the people you follow in bigger, more real ways or you want help expand your own platform, it will take your view of social media to a whole new place.

Just download the app, sign up using the same handle you use on twitter and start following people!  You can begin by finding me @boldturquoise!  You can also search “MacKenzie Monroe.”

I would be remiss to write this list and not mention some of my favorite Scopers this last week!

  • Gretchen Saffles @LifeLivedBeautifully Is rocking is every morning with a Bible Study Scope through Ephesians
  • Jess Connolly @JessAConnolly Always brings the boom with real faith and truth, and even some tatoos
  • Crystal Paine @MoneySavingMom has gone all Kon-Mari on her house, which has been fun to see
  • Amy Wyler @PolkaDotsWishes is always so fun and full of tips and realness with #MommyScopes
  • Mystie Winckler @MystieWinkler gave a “What Kind of Planner Are You?” Quiz LIVE (which you can also find here on her site) which was quite a hoot!
  • Ryan Bilello @Ryan_Bilello is about to launch his podcast, The Inside Scope, this coming Tuesday which is awesome! (Trust me- I’ve already listened to the 1st episode!)

 Can’t Go Wrong with Sally

4. Our Own Your Life Book Club is continuing to thrive and rock our worlds over on Periscope and the Cultivating the Lovely Facebook Group, but I also really loved this post that Sally Clarkson published on her blog yesterday- Choosing to Live by Grace, Not Perfection.

Working the Plan

5. I have had so much fun working through Mystie’s Winckler Work the Plan course on her site Simplified Organization!  It comes out this coming Tuesday for a special price and will only be available for until the end of September when she will take it off the market until January.  It is so good!  I have learned so much and finally feel like I am getting my act together.  Hallelujah!  Thank you Mystie!

You can go to the site I linked to get a free guided brain-dump that just might rock your world!

Commitments in Friendship Matter!!

6. And I talk about it all on this scope-

Bacon is Bacon

7. And my final encouragement to you all, straight from my Instagram feed @boldturquoise, is that if you burn the bacon just eat it anyway!  Bacon is bacon, folks!


I could probably turn this into something philosophical, but I’ll spare you and stop there.  Bacon is glorious, even when burnt.  Go Eat Bacon! 😉

At Last…

And to wrap things up, please don’t hesitate to connect with me!  I LOVE hearing from all of you about what you like to see here or on Periscope or any of my other social media endeavors.  YOU guys are the heart of my ministry and I really want to serve and encourage you all through these means.  So, let’s chat!  Drop me a line at boldturquoise@gmail or leave a comment below!

After all, I love ya’ more than my luggage!

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