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Dec 14 2011

9 Weeks Today!

I wish I had a cute pregnant picture to show you, but to be honest- I’m not cute right now!  It is 9:45pm, I am wearing sweats (with last night’s PJs underneath)… which obviously means that I haven’t showered… and, as long as we’re being honest- I’m bloated!  Oh, and I tweaked out my back for the second time in 2 weeks, thanks to loosened ligaments and those muscle relaxing effects of progesterone, leaving my walk to resemble that of a 95 yer old woman!  Awwww, the joys of pregnancy!
All the hideousness aside, however, I sit here this evening grateful.  Grateful that I am this gross and worn out and nauseated and in pain, because it means there is still a little person in there.  There is still a little person growing and (as far as I know) thriving, and my body is doing what it is supposed to.  I am exceedingly thankful for each of these discomforts and the reassurance they provide.

Isn’t he or she… uh… cute?!  About the size of a grape and with all its vital parts, my babe is finally starting to look like, well… a babe!
I am also so thankful for all of the prayers and support that all of you, my wonderful readers, have poured out to me!  In the midst of the very hard emotional state I was in 2 weeks ago I was immersed in the love you wrapped me in!  I am very happy to report that the Lord has done a miracle on my mind.  Although I still have moments of worry, it hasn’t been plaguing me as it was.  Even today, the same day in the pregnancy that I lost that I began bleeding, I have been far more settled and at peace than I expected.  I am doing my best to take it one day at a time.  I’m trying to focus on thinking that this baby is really going to come next summer and it has helped me begin to bond… or at least think about bonding!
I think one of my favorite things about this pregnancy is watching Lion Cub react to it!  He LOVES talking to the baby!  He always asks me if he can and then he says, “Hi Baby!  Happy to see you!  I love you!” It is the sweetest thing!  In fact, hearing him say the shortened version of my top choice of girl name is what completely set me over the edge into falling in love with it!
There are days when all the coming change does get a bit overwhelming.  Selling our house.  Moving.  The Carpenter heading out of town for an extended job (a HUGE blessing- the work, not the absence), meaning he could very likely miss the birth.  Major remodel work ensuing on our new home.  And then the baby!  That is again when I try to get back to taking it one day, and sometimes one moment, at a time.
So thank you for everything!  I’m good and I’m very much looking forward to my first appointment with my midwife in 3 weeks!

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2 thoughts on “9 Weeks Today!

  1. Britni Wood

    Prayers for you my friend! I am so happy that you have peace and been relaxing emotionally! I am so excited to hear about your midwife appointment! Can’t wait to meet the newest little addition…should we expect he or she to be about a month late?? haha…just kidding;) But seriously I have been praying for you so much, you are covered in prayer and the Lord is taking care of you and that little precious! XO


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