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Apr 27 2011

A BOLD bag for a BOLD mama!

As The Carpenter keeps reminding me, it’s not my birthday yet. But since we did do some celebrating with our families last Sunday I just couldn’t resist posting about this little beauty I received from my MIL!

Isn’t she purdy?! She’s big. She’s bold. She’s beautiful.

I think I shall call her LaFonda!


And well, of course, best of all- she’s turquoise!

In fact, as I pulled her from the gift wrap my mother-in-law asked me, “Well, for the blogger at BOLD Turquoise is it too bold?”

My response? “Absolutely not!! She’s perfect!”

I mean, not only was my old purse over two years old (an eternity for a purse in my life- seriously!), and not only had I been giving genuine considerations to my bag options lately, but she is just so totally “me” right now! I love her!

Oh, and she’s a Miche, which means that should I ever grow tired of her (which of course I can’t fathom at the moment), or just feel like switching things up a bit, I can easily get a new cover and switch the contents of my purse over in nothing flat! If you haven’t heard of Miche you should go check ’em out. You can thank me later!

She's deep- just like me. 😉

Of course my brother-in-law mocked that no one should need to carry around that much stuff or be that prepared on a moments notice, noting his wife’s survival for all the years leading up to her Miche conversion. But we just laughed and rolled our eyes- men just don’t get it! I’m quite happy with my ability to identify with Michelle Pfiffer’s character in One Fine Day, thank you very much! And now I can do so even more beautifully and efficiently with this pretty girl!

Thank you Jodie! She is a wonderful gift!

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