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Mar 25 2011

A decadent breakfast on the cheap

And by cheap I guess I mean if you are cooking for a crowd or you plan to eat it all week long, because you’ll be buying your ingredients in bulk from Costco!

So, you probably want to know what we’re making- breakfast sandwiches, but on a whole new level!

First of all, run yourself over to Costco and pick up a box of croissants, a package of their fresh mozzarella, a bag of Avacados and a pack of bacon. You may, however, want to pick up your eggs from a local farm. 🙂

Now really, this is so simple it’s ridiculous, but I’ll indulge you with some pictures anyway!

Fry up your eggs the way you like best.

Get your bacon going too. My favorite way to cook bacon is to recruit The Carpenter! 😉

five little piggies all lined up in a row!

Next (my favorite part), slice nice thick chunks of the fresh mozzarella! Now slip one into your mouth, close your eyes and savor in wonder at the magnificent difference of real mozzarella- it’s a whole other animal entirely. It should have it’s own name, it’s that good.

Try not to eat the rest of the cheese as you slice it- you’re going to need it for the sandwiches! 😉

Next, slice up your nice, ripe avacado.  Doesn’t that bright, firm flesh just look springy to you?!

Time to assemble! By layering the mozzarella in between the bacon and the egg it melts just perfectly and still gives an extraordinary bite.

It’s so simple it’s silly- but it is divine! Make it for your family or have a few of your closest girl friends over and serve it on cute plates alongside a fruit platter and some Cranberry Lime Iced Tea (but you’ll have to wait until next week for that recipe!).  Bon Appetit!

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