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Mar 30 2011

A new bed for Rhythm… and a serious brand or ridiculousness!

Alright, so we were finally able to get Rhythm out of a toddler bed and into a real bed this last week!  This has been a long time coming and we were all very excited!  The original plan had been to buy the boys a bunk bed- twin on top, full on bottom.  However, after pricing them out and seeing how much not only the bed but two mattresses would cost, we were at a bit of a standstill.

Then I saw these on Pinterest and completely fell in love!

It seemed to solve all of our problems- we could get a bigger bed for Rhythm for now and then when we have enough money we can get Lion Cub a bigger bed for the bottom as well.  And after all, I am married to The Carpenter, so this little 2×4 platform wouldn’t be hard to accomplish at all!

Checking out his new bed while dad finishes it

He is so excited!

Sure enough, he whipped it out pretty quickly (after a fair amount of pestering on my part- I’m so horrible!).  He had a friend come over to help hang it up, since there was no way I could support the weight while he attached it to the wall!  I did, however, get up on top to help attach one of the ropes.

installing the rope- their will also eventually be a side-rail

Funny how that time, when I was helping him, he assisted me in getting down from the top, since the ladder has not yet been installed.  Later, however, it was another story entirely! This is me having fun, checking out the bed and snuggling my boys (as my husband, mom and two grandmothers look on).

All's good... for now...

This is me getting frustrated with The Carpenter for not helping me down.  He said it was good for me to learn how to do this.


What?  Why?  What possible point is there in me learning to hurl myself to the floor from the top bunk of a bed that will, very soon, have a ladder?  I don’t get it!  And yes- I, and my whole family, were laughing hysterically.  Well, all save for The Carpenter who kept a midly serious expression on his face, emphasizing the importance of my learning and mastering this pointless task!

I can't believe I'm posting this- my mother insisted!

And this is me- finally succombing to the fact that he wasn’t going to help me and I was going to have to do it myself if I planned on getting down in the next week or so!

I wish I had a picture of all of their ridiculous faces watching me do this!  I also wish I had a picture of me after I accomplished my dismount, crumpled on the floor in laughter!  But, what can I say- my photographer/mother was too paralyzed with hysterics to be very useful at wielding the camera!

Lesson learned?  Don’t trust The Carpenter to help you if he can possibly make you look like a fool instead!  😉

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11 thoughts on “A new bed for Rhythm… and a serious brand or ridiculousness!

  1. Julieanne

    The beds look wonderful! And yes, so much cheaper to make them yourselves. We did the same thing, except that my husband built a loft bed with twin bed on top. Underneath, we placed a separate queen bed going in the other direction (unattached to the loft bed wooden structure), but later moved the queen bed to another wall in the bedroom so it could be a nice play area underneath the loft bed.

    At your children’s ages, though, I’d be a bit concerned about there being no bed rail or anything to prevent your sons from rolling off while sleeping, or falling off while playing. Maybe they sleep really still in one position, or maybe your family’s rule is “no playing on the top bed”. That’s what we did, too, so that when other children came over, they wouldn’t think it’s okay to be wild and crazy up there. I didn’t want to get sued when a child fell off and broke a collar bone, etc. Maybe that’s why we have homeowners’ insurance???!!! 🙂

    I do have one friend whose little boy died from his bunkbed, so I’m just thinking you may want to consider placing a bunk rail on there, or use one of those toddler bunk rails that can be removed during the day or left on all the time. Just a thought! Boys can be pretty wild and crazy at times, and I’ve seen little boys do all kinds of things their parents never thought they would do…sigh.


    1. boldturquoise Post author

      Actually, if you notice in one of the picture captions I do mention that we will be adding a side-rail. We have just had really bad weather so my husband hasn’t been able to cut the boards yet. He will also be building a ladder.

      Thanks for your concern though!

  2. Holly C

    Ah, this is so neat! I just love it! My husband was a journeyman carpenter (he’s about to graduate from school as an lineman) and he never builds cool stuff for us! 😉 Maybe he’ll change his mind when he doesn’t do it every day! 🙂

  3. jodi

    Oh that is hysterical! And I only say that because that is exactly what I imagine James doing to me. Only I am taller than you so the leap wouldn’t be as far.

    Those beds are so cool! And modern looking! I love, love, LOVE it when anyone sees an idea and then DIYs it. *high five* Did R sleep in it yet? I bet he is SOOOO excited. <3

  4. Lanna

    That looks fabulous, and so much easier to change the sheets than on a traditional bunk bed! I might have to steal the idea later on if we sell the bunk bed… 😀

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