Who this blog is for-

Women who want more out of life right where they are.  Women who are willing to pour the labor, care and study into their lives to truly embrace the callings God has given them.  Women who are willing to love their husbands and children fiercely, be bold and gracious, not take themselves too seriously...

And, of course, women who love dark chocolate,flirting with their man, impromptu dance parties with their kids and laughing until they cry over admittedly dumb things!

This space is all about realness, encouragement, humor and, hopefully, a little bit of inspiration thrown in along the way!

Where You Should Start

If you're new around these parts, these are my top recommendations for getting started-

Let's face it, most days feel a lot like this- but louder... and INSIDE my house! ;-)

Yup, that's me on the back of that thing!


Right behind my handsome hubby of nearly 12 years with one of our girlies up front.  Yeah, that's right, she's just one of our girlies!  We have another one and two boys also where she came from, well, so far anyway. 😉

I'm MacKenzie Monroe and around the interwebs I'm known as Bold Turquoise- or the gal who attempts to cultivate loveliness in her life and tries to get other women to too (I'm an ENFP, I can't help it!).

I'm a homeschooler, homemaker and a whole bunch of other equally generic titles, but my favorite one is Jesus Girl.  I follow Him, as best I can, and like talking about Him every chance I get.

Some Random Facts You Might Find Fun

  • I'll sing in front of thousands but don't make me call and order pizza!
  • I'm an ENFP, for all you Myers-Briggs junkies out there.
  • I grew up very suburban, always thought I would live in the big city but somehow ended up on a 12 acre farm with 4 kids (so far)... and I LOVE it!
  • Three of our babies have been born at home in a blow up tub in our bathroom.
  • We cloth diaper.
  • I think I'm pretty crunchy but my hubby doesn't- I maintain that he is just used to my crunchy weirdness so he doesn't actually realize just how crunchy I am!
  • I grew up in the theatre and doing small-scale film & voiceover work.
  • I have a brother with Spinabifida but didn't really realize he was any different until I was about 15.
  • I graduated high school a year early as a valedictorian and headed off to college at 17.
  • I got married at 19 and had my first baby 6 days before I turned 22.
  • My handsome hubby is 8 years older than me.
  • He wants to be a cattle rancher.
  • We own a construction company and have a dream to build custom homes.
  • Someday I want to be a traditionally published author.
  • I binged on Robin Jones Gunn books as  teenager and find it weird that I am now significantly older than my favorite characters in her books!
  • If I could meet anyone alive or dead (other than Jesus) it would be Sally Clarkson.