Who this site is for-

Women who want more out of life right where they are.  Women who are willing to pour the labor, care and study into their lives to truly embrace the callings God has given them.  Women who are willing to love their families fiercely, be bold and gracious, not take themselves too seriously...

And, of course, women who love dark chocolate, impromptu dance parties with their kids and laughing until they cry over admittedly dumb things!

This space is all about realness, encouragement, humor and, hopefully, a little bit of inspiration thrown in along the way!

Where You Should Start

If you're new around these parts, these are my top recommendations for getting started-

I'm MacKenzie Koppa and around the interwebs I'm known as Bold Turquoise- or the gal who attempts to cultivate loveliness in her life and tries to encourage other women to as well (I'm an ENFP, I can't help it!).

I'm a single mom of four sweet kids, voiceover artist, podcaster and speaker.

I love Jesus, my kids and chocolate- in that order.

Let's face it, most days feel a lot like this- but louder... and INSIDE my house! 😉