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Apr 14 2011

Art for Ella

Remember this little lady?  Well, this past weekend a few friends and I threw her and her mama, my dear friend Christa, a baby shower.  Since Ella was born 9 weeks early there had been no time for a shower.  So now, six months later, she is finally getting one!

As soon as I was asked to help with the shower planning I just knew that I wanted to make something special for Ella.  I went with the idea I had used on these cards and created this~

and these~

This is how they looked at the shower~

All the patterns were based on fabrics that Christa is using in Ella’s room.  They were so fun to paint and I look forward to maybe doing something similar for my boys soon!

I also decorated these cookies, also based on Ella’s fabrics.  Thankfully my mom was able to come over the day before the shower and help me with the cookies (a little bit) and the boys (HUGE!).

The night before the shower the five of us ladies who were throwing the shower got together at Amy’s house (our lovely host), of Amy, Oh My, to get everything together.  I was asked to put together the flower arrangements.  I guess they figured since I had displayed some artistic leaning that this would come naturally to me.  I was not so confident.  They came out ok, but considering that Christa’s mom is a floral designer, it was pretty intimidating!

Andi B, Christa’s sister, also asked me to write “Sweet Notes For Ella” inside a journal she had purchased for people to write notes for Ella (duh) to read when she is older.  It was just one more fun little project to bless this family with!

My good friend Andi, of Andi Mae Photography and Beautiful Ordinary Day, also took pictures of the shower.  She had taken pictures of the family the day that Ella was released from the hospital and they came out absolutely amazing!  We had some of the photos pinned up around the shower…

And she also put together a beautiful photobook as a gift to Christa.

I desperately want to have her do some family portraits for us and will definitely be using her for our next maternity and newborn shots… whenever that happens.  Here I was taking a picture of her taking a picture of her pictures!  Haha!  She is so cute and lovely!  And yes, this is often how you find her!

Miss Jenny, of Vintage Mommy, also another good friend of mine and former co-op teacher to my boys, was another one of the party throwers!

She made these cute floral wire letters for Ella.  Aren’t they pretty?!

Everything right down to the drinks looked beautiful!

The only real “activity” we had at the shower (other than opening gifts and watching this amazing video set to a song that Christa’s dad wrote for Ella- yes, the klenex abounded!) was decorate onesies.  Becca, of Wanderlux, brought all sorts of notions and supplies so that people could decorate onesies with iron on appliques, embroidery, or whatever their little hearts desired!  I wish I would have gotten pictures of the completed onesies because they were all adorable, but alas- I forgot (gasp!).  I would post a picture of the one I made, but to be honest it isn’t finished yet!  As soon as it is, you can be sure you will be seeing it though!

I also had fun meeting a few lovely ladies from the following blogs-

Courtney at Cottage Family

Chantel at Nesting

And sadly, I know there was another one but I can’t remember her name (blushing).  As soon as I figure it out, I’ll update!

It was a beautiful and wonderful day and I was so honored to be a part of it!

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