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Jan 12 2014

Bold Meal Planning Webisode, Part 1

Hey ladies! Sorry for the delay in getting this Webisode posted here to the blog! As many of you know I became very sick a few days ago and it was all I could do to just take a sip of water let alone post something on my blog! I'm now doing a little bit better, just in time to take care of my kids as they start dropping like flies! But I am grateful to be well enough to care for them. So, please keep us in your prayers!

But, on to the goods! Here is my first webisode for the month- Bold Meal Planning, Part 1! Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Bold Meal Planning Webisode, Part 1

  1. Emily

    Hello from England!

    This is great! Thank you for making this so easy – your method is very straightforward and it’s so much more enjoyable when the printables are as pretty as yours.

    One suggestion: it would be really helpful to have some spare blank/fillable tabs so that you can fill them in yourself. For instance, I’d really like to make a tab for my “recipes” section. Just a thought 🙂 Thanks again!


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