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Jul 29 2011

Can I tell you a secret?

…I can’t do it all!  Eek- there!  I said it!  And that is why I haven’t been around here much lately.

You see, it’s summer.  Life has been full and crazy with VBS, swimming lessons, play dates, trips to the lake, and lots and LOTS of planning and preparing for the new school year (which is less than a month away for us!).  It has all come down to me having to make decisions about priorities and that is why I have decided to be there (at all those crazy real-life things) and not here (on my beloved and neglected little blog).

The good news?  Well, all this crazy planning and preparing I’ve been doing is not just for our curriculum & lesson plans but also for our life in general!  I’ve been meal planning and organizing, figuring out routines and more so that this year will go as smoothly as possible on every different level.  So, that means that not only will I hopefully have more time to be here but I will also have lots of fun things to share with you about all that planning!

You’ll see me a bit over the next few weeks as I participate in some back-to-homeschool hops, but I’ll really be hitting the ground running again somewhere around the beginning of September!

I love & miss you all!


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