Bold Turquoise

Mar 8 2012

Grapevine Resurrection Study (and giveaway)

Well, I think we’re going to have to slow down on The Resurrection Study! There is still a month until Easter and Rhythm is begging to do a week’s worth of lessons everyday (4 drawings)! What an I say? He just loves his Grapevine Studies! You’re heard me say it all before, all the reasons… Read more…

Feb 12 2012

Grapevine Timelines Winner!

 It’s a few days late but a winner none the less!  The lady who takes the cake for my Grapevine Timelines Giveaway is…. Britni From A Little Sugar ‘n Spice! Congrats!  And all of you who didn’t win this time should keep on the look out for another giveaway coming very soon!

Jan 31 2012

Bible Timelines- and a giveaway, since I know you’ll want one!

You all have heard me rave time and time again about Grapevine Studies– how they are centered completely on the Word, how they stick in my kids’ heads… how we just love them! Well Grapevine has come out with something all new- timelines! That’s right, you can work your way through the Bible timeline stick-figure-style!… Read more…

Jun 27 2011

Winners from The Grand Opening Party!

Wow- well, I have a lot of winners to announce!  Check below to see if you won any of these great prizes! Scentsy Package Winner- Julieanne Custom Cards Winner- Michelle You Can Read Winner- Melinda Lisa Leonard Designs- Love Bird Winner- Erin 31 Days to Clean Winner #1- ness Winner #2- Allison Congratulations to all… Read more…

Jun 17 2011

Day 5 Giveaway- 31 Days to Clean!

Today’s giveaway I am really excited about because you have heard me mention it a lot lately! Yup- that’s right 31 Days to Clean! As of right now I am in the middle of participating in a review of the new routine Martha Challenges Sara Mae just released as an add-on to the original book…. Read more…

Jun 13 2011

Day 4 Giveaway- Lisa Leonard Designs!

Hello Party People! Did you have a nice weekend?! I hope so!  Mine was…well, busy!  Surprise, surprise! Today I am sooooo excited to be offering you guys a fun, beautiful and just plain spectacular giveaway! It’s from a lady I’m sure you’ve heard of- the one and only Lisa Leonard of Lisa Leonard Designs. This… Read more…