Bold Turquoise

Aug 19 2011

Meal Planning a Year at a Time- Yes it can be done!

**UPDATE!!!  The 2014 Version of The Bold Meal Planner has been released to subscribers AND the much requested Bold Meal Planning Deluxe Kit with ebook is up for sale!!  Check them out and Enjoy!** Well, here it is- one of the big doosie posts I’ve heard so many of you are looking forward to (I can only hope it… Read more…

Aug 16 2011

Routine Clean- a basic routine to keep your house manageable

I have read countless blog pots, visited dozens of websites and even read a few books on how to keep my home clean.  And while many of them have been inspiring, even motivational, much more of the time they seem to over-complicate things or give me too much to accomplish at once.  For instance, I… Read more…

Aug 10 2011

Mission Organize 2011- The Whole Shabang!

As I’ve mentioned before, I have been trying to get as organized as humanly possible for this upcoming school year, in every aspect of our life, so that we can have as much success and as few distractions possible!  There are so many different things I have been doing that it would be overwhelming to… Read more…