Bold Turquoise

Jun 13 2018

CTLP Episode 68- The Importance of Rest with Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith

Affiliate links are used in this content. This week’s show is sponsored by RX Bar. For 25% off your first order and free shipping go to  and use code: LOVELY. CTL is also sponsored this week by bioClarity plant-based skincare. To get your first month for 50% off a Routine plus free shipping and a 100%… Read more…

Sep 26 2015

7 for Saturday #3

Phew!  This last week felt like a total whirlwind!  There has just been so much going on with Periscope and the podcast, not to mention homeschooling my kids and keeping them in relatively clean clothes!  This week’s 7 for Saturday will be short, sweet and real! 1. We had our monthly Homeschool Museum & Presentation… Read more…

Jun 17 2015

Starting out in Cultivating the Lovely

Ok. So, we’ve discussed the meaning of Cultivating the Lovely, and we’ve talked about how we can be filling up on loveliness in order to pour loveliness out, but what does that really look like?  How does a mama with her hands full really go about that without getting swept up into the Pinterest culture and just further overwhelm… Read more…

Jun 9 2014

Judah is 5!!

Five years! How is that possible?! He astounds me with his smarts and makes me laugh with his honesty. Never has someone been more black and white and I love his cut and dry personality! I am truly blessed!

May 30 2014

Easy Green Cleaning- Just what this mama needs!

Alright, you all know I’m pretty darn crunchy (aka- granola).  Its been a process, as I think most crunchy testimonies are, but I have been making about 90% of our household cleaning products for nearly 8 years now.  While I love and use them I’m always open to a simpler way.  Something that works just… Read more…

Jan 3 2014

Recap & Links from Today’s Google+ Live Hangout!

Thank you to everyone who came and interacted on the Google+ Hangout today! There were some technical glitches and interruptions, but overall I hope it has lots of good info to help you guys get started on your challenge! If you missed the Hangout you can view it here or hop over to my YouTube… Read more…

Jan 1 2014

Bible Study Update for The Bold Year Challenge

I wanted to update you all on a few clarifications and fixes with the Bible Study aspect of our Bold Year Challenge. First- we have decided to start the reading on Monday, January 6 because the plan is supposed to run 5 days a week so it will get awkward and throw things off if… Read more…

Dec 15 2013

The Promise Box & The Memory Jar- Combined Review

(Affiliate links used in this review) I never thought I would really be one to enjoy Amish fiction- let's just get that right out there. Although interesting, Amish culture just isnt something I have ever invested any time or wondering into knowing more about. However, I love Tricia Goyer. I have loved eveything of hers… Read more…