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Nov 2 2013

Coming on Monday- The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle!

I haven't mentioned much about it yet, but I am very excited to be sharing with you all that I am a contributing author on a brand new ebook that is about to be released called The Essential {Oilers} Handbook!

I wrote the chapter on the use of oils for postpartum, breastfeeding and babies and it was such a pleasure to band together with so many other wonderful authors for a great project! The finished project is deeply informative and perfect for someone just getting started with essential oils!

It isn't out yet, but I have some exciting news for you! It is included in the massive bundle sale that is going live this coming Monday- The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle! Not only does it have over 80 ebooks on healthy living but it also has 12 weeks of wellness seminar-style mentoring with different authors from the bundle and a ton of FREE goodies too (like 2 months free at Fit2Be studios, natural soaps and more! Good stuff!)! In total it is worth over $1000 but is being sold for just $29.95!! That is a screaming deal ladies!

Ultimate Healthy living bundle

So, if you would love to get your hands on The Essential {Oilers} Handbook along with a ton of other amazing stuff then be sure to hop back over here on Monday for the links and all the details! It is going to be good! (I already have my copy and it is jam-packed with goodness!!)

Oh, and I should also mention that anyone who buys this bundle through my links will get a free copy of my meal planning ebook when it is released along with a free live online class with me! By purchasing through my link your are supporting this blog and my family and I really appreciate it!

See you Monday!


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