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Apr 20 2017

CTL Ep 30- The Hard Parts of Homeschooling with Rebekah Sacran

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This Week on the Show-

This week Rebekah and I talked all about the hard parts of homeschooling.  In doing so we wanted to encourage fellow and potential homeschool mamas with the fact that they aren’t alone and that none of these difficulties are insurmountable, but they are a very real part of homeschooling.  Sometimes we just need to feel validated in these hardships and to know that other moms out there are experiencing the same thing.

This is a very “join us at the table” sort of episode.  There weren’t really any links mentioned, other than our awesome sponsor, and we just had fun chit-chatting together and sharing in the camaraderie.  The basic gist was just, “We get it!  You’re not alone!  We all have the hard times and you CAN get through this!  It’s worth it!”



Abraham’s Promise by Jason Sacran

Although I do just want to brag on Rebekah’s amazing artist husband for a second!  If you have never heard of Jason Sacran, then you have GOT to check out his website!  He does such beautiful work and even has a DVD course that you are definitely going to want to look at!



Door County Relics by Jason Sacran- I mean, seriously folks, he is so good!


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