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Each morning ladies from across the globe join me for mutual encouragement and inspiration as we commit to the top three ways we will pour labor, care and study into making our lives more lovely.  It's all about pressing into the roles that God has given us and doing them to the best of our abilities, in His strength and guidance.

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February 15, 2016


Happy President's Day

  • I am listening to The Happiness Project on Overdrive. You can find the paperback copy here
  • I did a short scope on Friday about the Happy Planner, you can watch the replay here and you can get this deal at
  • Check out ChaoticBlessing for some functionally beautiful stickers and insert for your planner and to win $20 worth of planner stickers be sure to enter the giveaway here after you listen to the new podcast episode with Amy Wyler.
  • Lifegiving Home Book club starts this Wednesday - Feb. 17

Today in the Bible study we talked about the passage starting in John 2:13


To watch today's show you can click here




February 17, 2016

 Watch today's Book Club Replay

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February 19, 2016

  •  Weekend Challenge: "Be all there!" (Jim Elliot). Be Present in whatever it is you are doing.
  • We started our book club through The Life Giving Home yesterday. You can still order your copy and join us on Periscope on Wednesdays!
  • Bible Study - We discussed the bible study through the book of John ending chapter 4 & beginning chapter 5. Get your FREE John Study Guide here.
  • Watch today's replay.
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