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March 21, 2016

Watch the Replay of today's Morning Show

Watch Diastasis Boot Camp Scope from this afternoon!



March 23, 2016

  • John 19: 28-42 - When Jesus lays down his life. He chose the moment and gave up his life willingly. They did not take his life from him.
  • Happy mail - nordstroms PSA - Nordstroms will custom alter any bra to be a nursing bra
  • Podcast episodes are coming, but may not be able to be as frequent as before
  • Prayer request in Facebook Group - Please take a moment to read and pray and lift them and their families up.
  • Love others as you would love yourself - make sure you are taking care of yourself so you can love others.
  • Watch the replay.



March 25, 2016

Weekend challenge - go back and reflect on what we have learned in the John Bible Study. Prepare your heart for Easter
John 21 - See the play between Peter and John. Remember to focus on what God has us doing not others.
Facebook Group - come and discuss how you enjoyed the Savior and Establish - Book of John Bible study
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