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 The Cultivating the Lovely Morning Show

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Each morning ladies from across the globe join me for mutual encouragement and inspiration as we commit to the top three ways we will pour labor, care and study into making our lives more lovely.  It's all about pressing into the roles that God has given us and doing them to the best of our abilities, in His strength and guidance.

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This week on Periscope @BoldTurquoise

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CTL Morning Show ~ June 8, 2016

  • Be praying for Roman’s broken kneecap to heal properly ad that no surgery will be required.
  • Mugs and tumblers will be one sale in ONE WEEK! Make sure to preorder starting June 15th to guarantee your order.
  • New podcast coming on June 16th! MacKenzie interviewed Olivia Cagle. Olivia’s newest bootcamp for diastisis recti starts this Monday and there are only a few spots left!
JUNE CHALLENGES – Join us on Instagram: 
  • It’s not too late to join the Wake Up Challenge on Instagram! Use hashtag #ctlwakeupchallenge on your photo and hashtag #3lovely telling us your three lovelies for the day.
  • We are also going to start using the hashtag #ctlroomchallenge on all current and future room challenge photos. Post before and afters, and/or progress photos. Let’s encourage each other in cultivating the loveliness (and realness!) in our homes.
The June book club scope hop is today!
  • We will be going over the June chapter of The Life Giving Home by Sally and Sarah Clarkson.
MacKenzie’s Home Hacks!
  • Roll up clothing and bind with rubber bands to keep it from becoming unfolded while your children are rummaging through their drawers or bins. It also helps to distinguish the clean clothing from the dirty clothing.  Limit each type of clothing to about 10 items each child is also very beneficial to keeping the rooms fro being taken over with clothing.
  • Use coffee filters in place of paper towels. So much cheaper and just as handy!
Faith Thoughts-
  • MacKenzie talked about using the regular moments to grow closer to God.
  • By noting the moments in our physical everyday life, we can become more attune to noticing them in our spiritual lives.
  • Our ordinary routine duties are our spiritual acts of service to God.

Resources Mentioned-

Watch the Replay!

Book Club Scope – Life Giving Home: June Chapter

Morning Show “Simple Summer” June 10, 2016 – #theonewithallthehashtags

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Coming up Next Week!
  • #lovely3
    • Post what your 3 lovelies are for the day on Instagram with #lovely3! Makes it more personal to see pictures of your real lives!
  •  #ctlwakeupchallenge
    • Post on Instagram what time you are going to get up and a picture everyday proving you did using #ctlwakeupchallenge. If you get up 20 times in the month of June you will be entered into the drawing to win a free CTL Summer Tumbler!
  • This week is MAKE UP WEEK!
    • Falling behind on one of the rooms we have already done? (Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Work Space) This week is Make-Up Week!
    • Use #ctlroomchallenge in IG
  • Weekend Challenge!
    • Simplify Summer! Mackenzie is has made a short list of things that if they are done everyday will make her feel good. Ex: Praying and Reading the Psalms.  #simplepsalmsummer
  • There was also talk about doing a Nightly Kitchen Check! If it helps keep you accountable post a picture of your kitchen every night using #ctlkitchen

Other proposed hashtags included…(but really, we aren’t using these officially, but they are too FUNNY not to share here!)

  • #ctlnighttimekitchen
  • #scarykitchen
  • # ctlkitchencleanup
  • #ctlcleankitchen
  • #ctlhappykitchen
  • #tidykitchen
  • #lovelykitchen
  • #ctlwhateverroomitis
  • #ctllovelykitchen
  • #boldandgraciouskitchen
  • #ctlmulligans – okay we might totally use this one!
  • #ctldearlordhelpuswithourkitchens
  • #ctlkitchendoover
  • #ctlhouse
  • #nevertoolate
  • #cultivatingsilliness

Do yourself a HUGE favor and watch the replay of this one – it’s funny and so good for the soul!

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