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Archived Show Notes- November 16-20, 2015

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November 16, 2015

We started Week 3 of our Philippians Study!  Our focus this week is about how God provides for us both physically and spiritually.

We also had lots of discussion about our mugs and journals and how God doesn't need them in order to provide for our ministry.  He is a good, BIG, personal God!

Watch today's show here!

Here is the link to today's show on Katch.


November 17, 2015

 Lost power!! We live in the Inland Northwest and Power has gone out for the whole area.  I'll be back as soon as possible!


November 18, 2015

 Still out of power!  Ugh!  Water is running out too because we live in the country and have no power to our well pump. :-(

Here is a link to the quick little scope I did this afternoon when we were out looking for water and milk.


November 19, 2015

STILL out of power!  I cried "uncle" and headed for my parent's house in the city but still have very little access to my computer stuff. Ugh!  I did do a quick update scope from their house, which you can find here.

We have also extended the presale on the MUGS & JOURNALS through this weekend!!  Grab yours now! Find them HERE!


November 20, 2015

STILL without power and staying at my parent's house, BUT I did an unorthodox morning show.  See The Cultivating the Lovely Show On Tour Here! (hehe)

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